and Transfix: Making a difficult move easy.

The story.

When launched 17 years ago, it was a tiny operation selling creatine out of a garage in Boise, Idaho. Now, it’s an international presence and ranks as the largest online supplement store in the world; its U.S. operation has roughly 722 employees and warehouses in Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

Trial run with Transfix.

In November 2015, began testing several lanes with Transfix. “The pricing was always well within where we wanted it to be and the service was unparalleled,” said logistics manager Ashley Burgin. “We loved the web app. Being able to see our trucks’ location in real time—as well as having access to a detailed lane history from our past shipments—was great. Transfix has an amazing tool.”

It was truly a flawless process from start to finish. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

— Ashley Burgin, logistics manager

The problem: Moving barbells on a tight timeframe.

When needed to close its Idaho warehouse, all the merchandise needed to move to its Nevada facility in two weeks. As an additional obstacle, the Nevada facility could only receive a maximum of three trucks per day. “Not only that,” said Burgin, “but the warehouse move was in December which is a busy and difficult time to find trucks, especially in Idaho. Transfix filled every load without issue.”

The customized solution: Efficiency through layovers.

Facing literally tons of moving parts and a potential delivery bottleneck, Transfix got creative. Over those two weeks, the Transfix team ensured success by staggering daily loads with layovers to accommodate the receiving capabilities of the Nevada warehouse. “It was executed perfectly despite many last-minute requirements on our side,” said Burgin. “It blew my mind that they were able to accommodate anywhere from three to seven trucks each day with less than 24 hours advance notice.”

The bottom line: Saving 25% in two weeks.

“Pricing is another huge factor that helps Transfix stand above the rest,” said Burgin. Across the 32 loads and layovers needed to make the move, Transfix beat other brokers and carriers by 25%, which accounted for significant savings over the 14 days. “It was truly a flawless process from start to finish,” said Burgin. “I’ve never experienced anything like it.”