Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring carriers that have successfully scaled their businesses by working with Transfix. As a company, we remain dedicated to our carriers and through these profiles, we hope to better understand their needs, the shifting industry landscape and how we can play a larger role in increasing efficiency and productivity within the market. 

Erin Burton has worked with Transfix for years, and as the co-founder of A & B Carriers, she understands the challenges a small business can face on a daily basis. As both the dispatcher and business manager of A & B,  Burton has interacted with countless vendors and brokers over the years, which has provided her with a unique perspective on the industry.

According to The Journal of Commerce, approximately 19,000 brokers currently service the transportation industry. As a result, carriers are more discerning about who they work with than ever before. Differentiators go beyond the bottom line, particularly for carriers looking for consistent loads. As we meet with owner-operators, dispatchers and drivers, the value of consistent and reliable freight has come into focus.

“We started with two trucks two years ago and now we have four. We’re considering adding a fifth this year as well. And this is why we put a premium on consistency, because without a partner who can help us obtain loads every day when we need them, growing our business wouldn’t make sense,” said Burton. 

 The  Transfix Trucking WordCloud  is populated with all the words and phrases we are hearing from carriers across the country. If it’s important to them, it’s important to us!

The Transfix Trucking WordCloud is populated with all the words and phrases we are hearing from carriers across the country. If it’s important to them, it’s important to us!

Again, this goes back to the relationship we have with Transfix. I trust them to provide the loads I need at a great price and for that reason we can seriously consider expansion,” Burton continued.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) estimates that nearly 20% of all miles are driven with empty trailers, which equates to 65 billion “empty miles.” Matching carriers with shipments in real-time is one way to combat this waste. But simply having available loads is only half the battle. Without user friendly technology and dedicated customer service tying carriers to shipments, inefficiencies will persist. “When I compare Transfix to other competitors in the space, the thing that jumps out to me is how easy it is to use. The ease and speed with which I am able to navigate the Transfix system is a major reason why I keep coming back. For those of us that didn’t grow up in the computer age, that’s important,” commented Burton. 

As a company, Transfix will continue to innovate, with “customer-inspired features” as a point of emphasis in the second half of 2019. New features like Reserved Loads, which gives top carriers exclusive access to their preferred freight, reflects our desire to make customers lives easier at every turn. But improved functionality has to be paired with superior customer service, particularly in an industry notorious for things going wrong out on the road. “When I do have a problem and I need to call in, the Transfix staff is all over it. Half the time I don’t even need to verbalize my problem, they already know what it is and they’re on it. They know before I even call. They’re incredibly impressive,” said Burton. 

Inefficiencies like traffic congestion and wait times at facilities are factors outside the control of drivers and brokers. According to a recent ATRI study, 1.2 billion hours of productivity is lost annually due to traffic congestion, equating to 425,533 commercial truck drivers sitting idle for a working year. Additionally, according to DAT Solutions, 63% of drivers are detained for three or more hours at shipper docks every time they arrive. For this reason, streamlined communications remain a critical variable in determining who carriers prefer to work with. 

“Too often, when I’m working with other companies I have to go through five people just to get a direct answer. And I’m talking about a simple answer. We’ve got a container to pick up at a rail yard and nobody sent me a pickup number. And we need to deliver this container in a timely manner, it is really a very simple thing. Somebody give me a pickup number. Bouncing between customer service reps and brokers and waiting for brokers to call shippers results in wasted time with my driver sitting at a rail yard for six hours,” lamented Burton.

Reliable and efficient communication practices have a significant impact on a carrier’s bottom line. “If there’s an issue with a load, I can’t afford to go through 15 people when trying to expedite a problem. I simply can’t afford that. Transfix is so much better in this department. Their team is on top of things and I get a direct answer, the proper information, quickly. Time is money, and they know that,” said Burton. 

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