Our purpose in freight is influenced by people. From our relationships with shippers, carriers, partners, and shareholders, to each other, Transfix’s success is built on the efforts of good people. We focus on cultivating communities that value psychological safety, empathy, and compassion.

We put people first,
yours and ours

Our drive to put people first in the work we do flows from the inside out. We know a positive employee experience translates to high performance, so we value the opinions and outlooks of our team members to continue building an inclusive culture. This translates into the way we serve our customers everyday. We are accountable, reliable, and predictable. We’re always there for our people–just ask our shipper and carrier partners.

Core Values
We are DRIVEN by…

Our values are the foundation of our business. They guide decision-making so that, as we evolve, we remain true to our purpose: To build a digitally connected world where goods can move seamlessly with transparency, trust, and the least waste possible.

Lead with empathy. Understand challenges. Recognize obstacles. Build solutions, together. Meaningfully promote diversity & inclusion in all its forms. Root out toxicity and bias quickly. Break down silos. Bring together a multitude of voices. Ensure every voice is heard.

Set and raise the bar. Insist on the highest standards from all. Use sound judgment to make timely and critical decisions. Trust data, and your instincts. Be obsessed with providing a positive customer experience, internal and external.

Reliability matters. Authentic relationships are built on trust. Do the right thing, always. Make decisions with our people, customers, industry, environment, and community in mind. Honesty and openness are at our core. Give and receive feedback with kindness and courage.

Do what you say, say what you mean, and use wit and grit to get it done. Own it. Seek responsibility and take accountability for actions and outcomes, good and bad. Communicate with clarity and proactively address misunderstandings and misalignment. Be persistent in your pursuit of excellence.

Have a learner's mindset. Be on a journey of continuous exploration and experimentation. Be brave. Ask the hard questions. Challenge the status quo. Improbable outcomes are achieved together. Be ambitious. Use data to guide you but not confine you. Set clear, and high expectations, then follow through.

Have a sense of urgency. Stay hungry and execute with speed and intention. Try hard things. If you fail; learn, then keep moving. Be humble. Know when to double down and when to let go.

Love what you do, support each other and have fun in the process. Take your work, but not yourself, too seriously. Celebrate success and each other.

Diversity &

We’re committed to creating an environment that encourages all employees to be their true, authentic selves. Bringing together people with different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and expressions results in offering superior solutions for our customers and the freight industry at large.

Transfix actively promotes inclusion within our team, and across the broader trucking and technology industries. Diversity is undeniably connected to our overall performance, and we’re walking the walk, proudly, passionately, and transparently.

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of senior executive roles are held by women.


of our Board members are women.


of employees identify as Black, Indigenous, and persons of color (BIPOC).

1 Based on internal data as of 12/31/21.

Our Executives

Leading the charge in the future of freight is no one-person job. Meet the heavy-lifting leaders who propel us into the future of freight through diversity of thought, industry experience, and forward-thinking perspective.

Our Conductor of Transfix’s technological orchestra.

Jonathan Salama

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Our Aficionado of All Things Logistics.

Drew McElroy

Co-Founder, President, & Chairman of the Board

Our Super Strategizer, bringing us to the next phase in our growth.

Rachel Meranus

Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer

Our Legal Leader, keeping Transfix accountable and holding us to the highest standard possible.

Nicholas Smolansky

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

Our Product Powerhouse, driving innovation across our suite of offerings.

Tony Tzeng

Chief Product Officer

Our Tech Talisman, building world-class teams and technology.

Mike Brittain

Chief Technology Officer

Our Senior Leadership Team


Our Dedicated Draftsman, ensuring our customers operate and thrive in success.

Carly Gunby

VP of Sales, East

Our Growth Guru, fostering fervent interest in Transfix products and services.

Tobes Kelly

VP of Revenue & Product Marketing

Our Business Baron, bringing vast expertise to create opportunities.

Rob LaFollette

VP of Sales, West

Our Savvy Steward, infusing the recipe for expansion into our customer base.

Jennifer Mosso

VP of Shipper Growth

Our Benevolent Builder, helping shippers and carriers move freight simply and smartly.

Leonard Tancuan

VP of Product

Our Masterful Marketer, ushering the brand into headlines and homes across the nation.

Amanda Vogel

VP of Brand Marketing & Communications

Our Dynamic Deputy,
providing guidance and accountability for all things securities and governance.

Susan Waxenberg

Deputy General Counsel


At Transfix, we’ve designed a culture with and for our people. We empower and support each other every day, acknowledging the talent, diversity, and innovation that connects us all.

Why People
Love Working
at Transfix

Take a closer look at the meaningful and rewarding principles that connect us.

We act with integrity

We stand by our commitments to our partners, and to each other.

We encourage each other

We’re heavily invested in the success of our people and the work they do.

We prioritize fun

We have a lot of fun driving the future of freight together.

We know our differences are our strengths

Our unique attributes and abilities don’t divide us, they unite us.

We are driven

Our team of intelligent individuals work hard to drive optimal performance and efficiency in freight.

Join the Transfix Team

Your career on-ramp awaits.