Freight Sourcing.

Make procuring freight your strategic advantage with our insights-driven solution for enterprise shippers.

Transfix Delivers Shippers a Modern Solution for Freight Procurement

Transfix’s sourcing tool analyzes historical and real-time market rates to make data-driven recommendations on procuring capacity and balancing optimal rates with the highest expected reliability. Explore our alternative to 12-month RFP cycles that end in tender rejections or renegotiations. Reduce wasted time and effort by your logistics teams which leads to higher overhead and freight costs.

Leverage the power of machine learning, intuitive software, and freight expertise to accelerate your procurement process, lower costs, and ensure reliable coverage.

Optimize Freight Spend

Reduce spend, tender rejections, contract cancellations, and overhead costs. Streamline inefficient RFP processes through market insights and intuitive dashboards.

Forecast Volatility

Build the optimal mix of existing contract, new contract, spot, and Dynamic Cost-Plus pricing for each lane, balancing price and service levels.

Build Trust & Transparency

Our Dynamic Cost-Plus pricing program gives enterprise shippers access to reliable capacity based on our real-time, AI-predicted price, plus a reasonable fixed margin — all with full transparency into Transfix’s Marketplace costs. This benefits both shippers and carriers with lanes in seasonal markets, and with high sporadic volume and allows them to build sustainable relationships.

Source & Execute

Integrate our solution to your existing systems via API, or converge procurement and execution by managing your freight operations with Transfix TMS. Using Transfix TMS, shippers have full control and visibility of shipment lifecycles end-to-end — source, route, tender, track, & settle

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