Frequently Asked Questions


What is Transfix?
Transfix is a digital freight brokerage. We use our own custom software to lower costs, improve carrier and driver efficiency, and make it easier and faster for shippers to move their loads.

Which phones are compatible with the Transfix app?
The Transfix mobile app works on most iPhones and Android phones.

How can I access the Transfix web app?
Visit the web app from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any connected device.

How much of the U.S. does Transfix cover?
We service all 48 states with local, long-haul, and everything in between.

What kinds of loads does Transfix handle?
We ship dry, refrigerated/frozen, and flatbed full truckloads (FTL).

How do I contact Transfix?
If you need help, contact us 24/7/365 at or (929) 293-0380. You can also email sales questions to and media inquiries to

How can I get started with Transfix?
You can sign up for Transfix or download Transfix from Google Play or the App Store.

Carriers, Owner-Operators, and Drivers

How does Transfix work with carriers?
Transfix has loads that originate from and ship to cities all across the country. When you sign up with us, you can tell us when you need a backhaul and where you want to go. We’ll contact you or your dispatcher through the app with loads that match your preferences, and you can pick and choose which ones you want to accept.

Does Transfix work with smaller carriers and owner-operators?
Yes! We love owner-operators and small carriers. Please sign up or reach out to us to get more info.

How much does the Transfix mobile app cost?
The Transfix mobile app is completely free.

Do drivers need to download the app to work with Transfix?
Yes. We dispatch, contract, track, manage, and pay all loads using our free mobile app. You can always call or email us if you need help.

How can owner-operators and fleet owners book loads on Transfix?
Sign up for an account, and once you’re approved, we’ll automatically match you with the best loads based on your location and timing.

How can drivers book loads on Transfix?
Talk to your dispatcher about registering for a Transfix account. Once they sign up and are approved, we’ll match them with quality loads they can pass on to you.

How much does Transfix pay for hauling loads?
We generally offer higher pay rates than other brokers. More technology and less overhead means we have fewer operating costs, so we can afford to give you a bigger paycheck.

How much does the Transfix trip planner cost?
Just like the app, the trip planner is totally free.

How is the Transfix trip planner different?
The Transfix trip planner is free and easy to use. It’s also part of the Transfix mobile app, which is the way we offer loads to our drivers.

Can I use the trip planner without getting loads from Transfix?
Yes. The Transfix trip planner is free, easy to use, and keeps you up to date on gas prices, weigh stations, current weather and moon phases, truck stop services, distance between stops, and even local restaurants, rest areas, and lodgings. You can finally get all of the information you need in a single app.

How does Quick Pay work? Is it really free?
Quick Pay is guaranteed and 100% free. Use the Transfix app to update your tracking info while you’re on the road. When you finish a job, use the app to take a picture of your POD and upload it into our system. As soon as we get it, we’ll send payment your way inside of 24 hours.

What percentage does Transfix take from carriers?
We don’t believe in payment terms or factoring, and we don’t take a percentage from your paycheck. If you use our app for tracking and uploading your POD, we’ll automatically pay you within 24 hours. The whole system is free, and you can even choose if you want a paper check or a bank transfer.


Why should I ship with Transfix?
Our costs are lower than our competitors, so we can usually offer lower rates. Plus, unlike other brokerages, Transfix provides real-time tracking and proactive updates on shipments.

How do I know what’s happening with my shipment?
You can see every detail of your shipment using the Transfix web portal. Our online system tracks loads in real time and automatically reports any delays or changes, so you’ll know all the information as it happens.

How does Transfix verify its carriers?
Transfix has higher security standards than any other brokerage. We fully vet our carriers through a four-step process that includes:

What if I need help?
Our logistics professionals are available 24/7/365 to help you resolve issues. Contact us around the clock at support@transfix.ioor (929) 293-0380.

How can I start working with Transfix?
Sign up for an account now or contact us at or (929) 293-0380.