24 hours. 9 different teams. 1 winning project.

Last week, our tech team here at Transfix held their bi-annual hackathon, “Freight Wars.” This year, the focus was on finding solutions to help various departments halve their workflow, creating increased efficiency across the company.

After being split into 9 different teams, the tech group was given lots of Bonchon Chicken – and a dedicated 24-hour timeframe to collaborate closely with our carrier managers, account managers, and compliance group for insights and ideas that would benefit from halving “50% of anybody’s workload.” Each team was given free rein to choose the type of project they wanted to work on, which allowed everyone to break from the day-to-day work – and get those creative juices flowing!

At the end of the 24-hour hackathon, the teams presented their prototypes with the entire company. We saw some truly creative ideas, from a live cam installed on our cold brew draft station (so people won’t have to get up just to find out that the cold brew has run out), to technology that allows FMCSA ratings to be automatically sent to our phone system so our carrier managers can instantly check on a carrier’s rating when booking a load.

The next day, the entire company voted for their favorite project. The winner went to Team “Oregon Trail,” whose members included Josh Cohen, Debby Lee, Karina Ruzinov, Daiji Shikama, Chris Stoafer, and Chris Wallwork This team identified a key opportunity to enhance our existing training materials by creating a fun yet educational game about the lifecycle of a shipment.

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Congrats to the Team “Oregon Trail” and their game!

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