As a carrier, it can be difficult to find consistent freight to grow your business. Oftentimes, you can spend hours searching through multiple load boards and sources to find freight that matches your lane preferences and working hours. Once you do secure a load, managing your fleet can be tedious and time consuming. Between juggling pen, paper, and spreadsheets, it’s easy to lose track of information and time. 

Now with Fleet Planner, you can both book freight and manage your fleet with a few clicks of a button – saving you time and a ton of frustration along the way. Instead of tediously looking through multiple load boards, keeping track of load information across notebooks or spreadsheets, and individually texting load information to drivers, you can do all this and more in Fleet Planner. It’s a free, online tool to secure loads directly through Transfix and organize your fleet, drivers, loads, and equipment information in one central place – making it a one-stop shop to manage your fleet and grow your business.


How to Book Loads on Fleet Planner

To book loads on Fleet Planner:

  1. Create a free account in under a minute
  2. Go to the “Book Loads” tab and search for a load based on pickup or dropoff location, pickup or dropoff date, and equipment preference. 
  3. Once you see a load you want to book, click the “Book on Transfix” button or call your broker directly. 
  4. After booking a load, it will automatically appear in your Fleet view, making it easy to manage your fleet in one place. 
  5. You can then assign the load to one of your drivers and share load details with them via text through the “Share” button. 
Book Loads Directly in Fleet Planner

Book Loads Directly in Fleet Planner

Growing your business is the number one priority we hear from carriers. At Transfix, we view ourselves as long-term partners to our carriers. That’s why we wanted to make it easier than ever to help you find and secure the best loads, centralize your fleet management activities and keep a pulse on the health of your business. With this new “Book Loads” feature, we’re giving carriers more resources to book more freight and increase their revenue.

Sign-up here for Fleet Planner if you’re interested in growing your business and managing your fleet in one place.

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