In this conversation with JP Hampstead of Freightwaves for #FWLive @HOME, Lily Shen discusses how her passion for building companies at all different stages provided guidance in her journey towards being named Transfix CEO in the middle of a pandemic. Lily also provides an in-depth look at how Transfix is determined to improve the shipper and carrier relationship, especially during volatile times. 


“There’s a lack of visibility in terms of what is going on, on both sides of the marketplace and there’s a lot of waste. I also believe that fundamentally there’s some distrust in the industry, as well, and when you think about all of that, the importance of actually building a very cohesive network – that’s where Transfix comes in”, Shen says. “We really look at the entire network of both our carrier and shipper side to drive optimization but we also leverage our technology to drive the visibility and transparency along with proactive communication. We want to be able to anticipate everything that’s going on to ensure that shippers actually have a high level of confidence and reliability in our platform that really represents our entire carrier network.”


You can listen or watch the full conversation here.

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