Consumer Products

Reduce costs and save time with Transfix’s reliable capacity, competitive pricing, and value-add services.
  • Flexible Capacity Flexible Capacity
    Transfix offers reliable and flexible capacity for both drop and live. We partner with consumer products giants, including Unilever and LG. We have extensive experience helping consumer products leaders utilize dynamic capacity to manage their busiest holiday season.
  • Safety and Visibility Safety and Visibility
    Moving all consumer products, from packaged goods to high-value consumer electronics, we know safety and visibility is important. 99.9% of our loads move claims free. You also get access to real-time tracking from our online platform, as well as a support team who manages exceptions on your behalf.
  • Competitive Pricing Competitive Pricing
    Transfix TrueRate™ is our unique pricing approach which blends our machine-learning algorithm with industry expertise to deliver competitive and sustainable pricing shippers can trust for contract and spot. We guarantee our rates, enabling shippers to forecast their budget with confidence.

Leading Consumer Products Brands Trust Transfix

“We are a value-retailer, so initially we were drawn to Transfix by their competitive rates but we’ve come to rely upon them for a multitude of reasons. For instance, their performance insights have helped us identify hiccups at facilities, making our entire operation more efficient.”

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