Retailers of all sizes trust Transfix to empower their logistics team. Six out of the ten largest retailers ship with Transfix.
  • Reliable Drop Trailer Network Reliable Drop Trailer Network
    Transfix provides access to an extensive drop network of mid-sized carriers that have an optimal truck-to trailer ratio (2:1). With over 200K+ trailers, Transfix is able to offer a highly reliable and high performing solution, leading to cost and time savings for retailers.
  • Security & Visibility Security & Visibility
    We understand the importance of keeping high-value goods safe. We provide real-time tracking to give retailers peace of mind, and ensure our carriers meet rigorous compliance standards on an ongoing basis.
  • Inventory Redistribution Projects Inventory Redistribution Projects
    Transfix can quickly find dedicated capacity for short-term projects such as transferring excessive inventory between warehouses or redistributing inventory to distribution centers set up for parcel shipping to meet eCommerce demand.

The Transfix Advantage

We have the technology and capabilities to move your freight forward
  • Flexible Capacity Flexible Capacity
    When holiday season hits or markets tighten, we can easily scale up capacity at a competitive market rate through our large network of dry vans and drop trailers to ensure products are delivered safely and reliably.
  • Proactive Escalation Management Proactive Escalation Management
    It can be difficult to keep track of thousands of trucks. When issues arise or delays occur with a delivery, we proactively resolve the issue and keep retailers up-to-date on the status of their shipment.
  • Guaranteed Rates Guaranteed Rates
    Holiday season and seasonality often make it difficult to forecast costs. We guarantee all contract and spot rates no matter the market conditions, making it easier for retailers to budget with confidence.
  • Actionable Data Actionable Data
    Transfix provides data-driven insights into facility wait times and our performance to help you reduce costs.
  • Instant Pricing Instant Pricing
    Our pricing engine can price 10,000 shipments in a minute, straight into your existing TMS or workflow. You can access market rates for 100% of your spot freight, instantly.

Leading Retail Brands Trust Transfix

“Transfix has found a unique way to add value in our drop-heavy network. Independent trailer pools that utilized one-off power units were not reliable. As markets tightened, service dropped. On the other hand, Transfix’s carriers, faithfully show up and deliver.”

Transfix accelerates into the fast lane with plans to go public via merger with G Squared Ascend I, Inc. (NYSE: GSQD).
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