As a modern shipper, you need reliable, up-to-the-minute pricing information at your fingertips. Easily accessible, real-time pricing puts your business in a position to maximize efficiency and your bottom line, simultaneously. 

Introducing Daily Lane Rates

Transfix’s new Daily Lane Rates (DLRs) feature can help you save time and effort. Say goodbye to waiting for email or fax responses to find the latest price. We proactively publish the current, guaranteed rate for your top 10 lanes so you can easily view and accept a quote with just one click. Imagine what you could do for your business with all that time back?

Log in to your Transfix online dashboard to view your Daily Lane Rates today. 

Logistics Reimagined

At Transfix, we’re proud to partner with some of the nation’s most innovative and forward-thinking companies. While working closely with a leader in the retail space, the value proposition of DLRs came into focus. Previously, when a contracted carrier rejected one of their loads, a coordinator would put that load up for auction. They would then email freight brokers, requesting a rate for that particular lane. In the end, they would spend hours trying to find the best quote to cover the lane. Enabling automated spot bidding through a TMS integration with Transfix was explored, but ultimately they couldn’t dedicate the necessary resources to an integration, leaving them stuck with an inefficient process. 

As an alternative, we proposed daily lane rates. This allowed coordinators to know the rates for their lanes every morning without needing to put the load up for auction or emailing us. When a contract carrier fell through, they would first refer to our daily rate page before going to the spot market. We were able to save each coordinator over three hours a day.

If you believe that your business could benefit from DLRs but don’t know how to get started, click here

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