At Transfix, we are working hard to build tools to help carriers earn more for their trucks. We launched a pilot program earlier this year that lets carriers easily book truckloads online through the Transfix website. Today, we are excited to bring this instant booking feature out of pilot and offer it widely to all Transfix carriers.

When we set out to build the next evolution of our truckload marketplace, we wanted to transform the way carriers book loads. Traditional load boards are time-consuming to sift through and filled with unreliable information. Completing any transaction also requires a phone call; many carriers will spend their day browsing multiple load boards, cold-calling brokers, and pursuing dead ends until they find a load that works for their business.

Our solution is to provide a booking experience that takes place entirely online. Carriers can easily find and book the load they want, all in much less time than traditional means and without having to pick up the phone to ask for more specifics. We give them comprehensive and accurate information about the load up front.

We do this by matching carriers with loads that are convenient for them — loads that pick up or deliver within a short distance of their truck yards, or travel along lanes the carrier has driven before.

If a carrier sees a load that interests them, they can book it immediately or ask for a higher rate. Booking a load in Transfix can be done in a few simple steps: a carrier logs in, browses the loads we have available, views detailed information about a particular load, and clicks Book Now if they find the rate agreeable.

Let’s say the carrier wants a higher payout. In that case, they can place a bid for a higher rate. As soon as their bid is accepted, Transfix will notify the carrier and extend a rate confirmation that can be signed online. Carriers also have the opportunity to negotiate with our Booking Team over the phone, because having a conversation is sometimes the best way to do business.

Watch the video below to see how instant booking or bidding works.


This is just the beginning. We’re continuing to build better solutions for our Transfix partners — the drivers, dispatchers, and independent owner-operators who are the backbone of the trucking industry. In the future, carriers can expect to see even more accurate matches arrive in their inbox, as well as opportunities to book loads farther in advance.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue releasing new products for carriers. Our team is working at a fast pace to build the best transportation technology platform in the industry. And we’ll keep you updated on our progress here on the blog as we make great strides along the way.

If you are not a Transfix carrier and want to join our network to experience a better way to book loads online, contact us here.

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