Mabe Trucking and Transfix: Full loads, happy drivers.

The Mabe Trucking story.

With over 25 years in the freight industry, Mabe has grown from a five-truck outfit to an operation with 170 tractors, 500 trailers, and more than 250 employees. These days, the carrier is known for working with major brands and shippers.

The system Transfix created provided us with basically zero deadhead miles. Plus, it allowed us to use our local crew in day cabs. It couldn’t be better.”

— Allison Shockley, dispatcher

The problem: Hauling hundreds of empty miles every day.

Mabe was hired to operate a dedicated, two-way, 300-mile lane for a well-known apparel retailer with a hundreds of stores across the U.S. Unfortunately, inefficient daily runs were starting to take a toll on drivers.

Since Mabe’s facility in Eden, NC was located between the retailer’s two main warehouses in Arden, NC and Lynchburg, VA, it meant drivers were locked into overnights and riding empty for at least one length of the trip.

Mabe hoped to fix the problem with day cabs—trucks built without sleeping quarters. This would accommodate local operators and increase utilization, but it meant finding a way to end every day at Mabe’s facility.

The customized solution: Precision layovers.

After considering Mabe’s objectives and the retailer’s needs, “Transfix helped us design a system for this dedicated lane that really worked for our business,” said dispatcher Allison Shockley. Here’s how the custom-tailored approach was structured:

  • Mabe deposited empty trailers at the retailer facilities in Lynchburg, VA and Arden, NC.
  • When Lynchburg’s trailer was full, a local day cab driver picked it up and delivered it to Mabe’s facility in Eden, where the load was stored overnight.
  • The next morning, a local day cab driver delivered the load to Arden, and picked up a new full trailer before heading back to Mabe.
  • After storing the load overnight, a local day cab driver delivered the full trailer to Lynchburg the next morning, and picked up another full load heading back to Mabe.

Once the process was up and running, it was essentially self-sustaining. “I rarely had to get on the phone with Transfix because everything was in the system and they’re so dependable,” said Shockley, “but in the rare cases I did, their service was standout.”

The bottom line: Total efficiency, no deadhead.

With Transfix, Mabe increased their utilization rate to almost 100%. At the same time, they created dependable daily revenue, eliminated load/unload wait time for the retailer, and improved working conditions for drivers. “The system Transfix created provided us with basically zero deadhead miles,” said Shockley, “plus, it allowed us to use our local crew in day cabs. It couldn’t be better.”