We’re announcing two major updates to our carrier platform that are designed to help carriers grow their business: My Lanes and Reserved Loads. My Lanes is a product that recommends freight based on carrier preferences; and Reserved Loads is the industry’s first exclusive-access freight program for exceptional carriers. 

The best tools and products are user-inspired, and My Lanes is no exception. We’ve received feedback since we opened our digital doors that the process of securing loads that match a driver’s needs (time, location, price point) has remained a consistent pain point. Traditionally, drivers had to post their truck or manually reach out to numerous brokers to find loads. Not only was this manual process inefficient in matching drivers to ideal loads, it also made it difficult to secure backhauls on a consistent basis.

My Lanes dramatically streamlines the booking process. The offering enables carriers to directly share their preferences, such as pickup and drop-off location, day, time, equipment type, and preferred rate, and proactively matches the most relevant freight accordingly. Drivers or dispatchers receive instant alerts when matching loads become available, which they can easily book via web or email with the click of a button.

As part of the My Lanes rollout, Transfix will also begin offering the trucking industry’s first exclusive freight program: Reserved Loads. The program matches Transfix’s most exceptional carriers with exclusive freight on their preferred lanes that they’d otherwise have to compete to win. In its onset, Transfix carriers with an excellent performance record will be selected to receive Reserved Loads, and will have 60 minutes to accept or reject the freight offer.

With these launches, Transfix is doubling down on its commitment to helping carriers grow their businesses via consistent, reliable freight and better utilization. To sign up to be a carrier, click here.

Grow Your Business

Access consistent freight that matches your preferences.

Save Time

Receive instant alerts when a “matching load” becomes available.

Earn Reserved Loads

Exceptional carriers will be granted exclusive access to loads on their preferred lanes.

Transfix accelerates into the fast lane with plans to go public via merger with G Squared Ascend I, Inc. (NYSE: GSQD).
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