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You know all the ways that you can lose efficiency and incur extra costs in moving truckload freight.

Transfix is not your typical freight broker. use the latest in technology and mobile apps to make the experience of moving truckload freight more transparent, efficient, and less costly from pick up to delivery. 

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We offer

  • Automated truckload marketplace. Quickly and easily book your truckload shipments through our web platform. From there, Transfix finds the right carrier to haul the load without you having to make a single phone call.
  • Shipment status in real-time. Forget about all the wasted hours on the phone doing track and trace. Transfix drivers provide status updates through our mobile app so you can see their exact location at any point in transit.
  • Exception management alerts. Get alerts when a truckload is off schedule so you can deal with issues as they arise. 
  • Instant PoD access. Speed up processing times by receiving Proof of Delivery (PoDs) documents instantly upon shipment delivery. 
  • Reporting and analytics. With granular geolocation data from your shipments at your fingertips, your company can uncover powerful insights that will inform smart business decisions regarding carrier performance and selection, warehouse and distribution center efficiency, cost savings, and opportunities for supply chain optimization. 

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