Modern challenges demand modern logistics solutions.

Trying to keep goods moving cost-effectively, and with any level of predictability, is challenging enough in normal times. Add to that the volatility and disruptions in today’s supply chain, and the challenges can seem almost insurmountable.

Shippers who partner with Transfix know that they will get the service and support they need to build resilience into their supply chains. Our data-driven insights, powered by machine-learning technology and intuitive software, help shippers access reliable capacity when and where they need it, while optimizing their network’s efficiency. Our tenured freight experts support them every step of the way, helping to drive a seamless end-to-end process.

Modern challenges

Delivering Reliability and
Results for Shippers

Our technology drives impressive performance across all key metrics, from on-time pickups and deliveries to an industry-leading claims rate. In 2021, our experience showed:

99 %1

On-Time Pickup

99 %1

On-Time Delivery

99 .9%2

Loads Delivered Claim Free

1 A pick up or delivery is considered “On-time” if satisfied within the day of its scheduled time. Based on internal data from Transfix January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.
2 Calculated based on Transfix 2023 loads with formally submitted cargo loss and damage claims as a percentage of the total number of loads moved.

The Transfix
Intelligent Freight

Many-to-many, AI-driven freight matching. Real-time pricing. Advanced automation tools and data-driven insights. Our logistics teams are tech-empowered to deliver performance for you.

Reliable Capacity

Get access to our nationwide network of top-performing carriers for your shipping, including live and drop.

Transfix TrueRateTM Pricing

Blended machine-learning and industry expertise that offers competitive and sustainable pricing for contract and spot agreements.

Dedicated Support

Receive 24-hour support from a team of transportation experts to help you manage your shipping needs.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain full visibility and track your freight shipments. Monitor your OTP/OTD in real time.

Actionable Data Insights

Access data-driven insights to optimize your supply chain and reduce dwell time to lower costs.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate your existing supply chain technology directly to the Transfix Platform via API, EDI, or through custom integrations and manage all of your shipments.

Leading Brands Trust Transfix

BJs Wholesale Club
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Transfix has earned our trust by handling whatever we’ve thrown at them—accepting our loads, and flexing up capacity when needed. Through Transfix we’re also able to work with the same quality carriers on most of our shipments. That carrier continuity has led to better on-time deliveries thanks to their familiarity with our processes and facilities. When scaling a business, you need a partner like Transfix."

Director, Logistics


Transfix has found a unique way to add value in our drop-heavy network. Independent trailer pools that utilized one-off power units were not reliable. As markets tightened, service dropped. On the other hand, Transfix’s carriers faithfully show up and deliver."

Manager, Transportation Procurement

Tailor drop capacity to your needs with Transfix Dedicated Drop.

Remain competitive and nimble with monthly and annual dedicated drop pricing. Optimize your partnership with carriers and source additional capacity for your facilities. Manage seasonal surges with flexible capacity. Our managed network of high quality regional mid-size carriers gives you the agility you need.

Tailor drop capacity

Drive sustainably with Transfix Intelligent Backhaul

Our widespread freight network offers data-driven insights and tailored recommendations that help you monetize your private fleet. Eliminate waste and empty miles with each delivery.

Drive sustainably