Our Leadership

Diversity of thought, experience and perspective is propelling Transfix into the future of freight. Meet the leaders behind it all.
  • Drew McElroy Drew McElroy Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board
    Drew McElroy Our Aficionado Of All Things Logistics
  • Lily Shen Lily Shen Chief Executive Officer & President
    Lily Shen Our Architect, driving innovation and moving the industry forward
  • Jonathan Salama Jonathan Salama Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
    Jonathan Salama Our Conductor of Transfix’s technological orchestra
  • Sophie Dabbs Sophie Dabbs Chief Commercial Officer
    Sophie Dabbs The Chief Commander of Capacity, ensuring success for commercial business.
  • Christian Lee Christian Lee Chief Financial Officer
    Christian Lee Our Financial Cartographer, mapping the road ahead for Transfix.
  • Rachel Meranus Rachel Meranus Chief Marketing Officer
    Rachel Meranus The Super Strategizer, bringing B2B companies to the next phase in their growth.
  • Brian Christman Brian Christman Chief People Officer
    Brian Christman Our Captain Of Culture, inspiring the best from our team
  • Mike Brittain Mike Brittain VP of Engineering
    Mike Brittain Our Tech Craftsman, building world-class teams and technology
  • Scott Sokoloff Scott Sokoloff VP of Data & Analytics
    Scott Sokoloff Our Data Ambassador, Analyzing All Crucial Information for Transfix
  • Leonard Tancuan Leonard Tancuan VP of Product
    Leonard Tancuan Our Builder, Helping Shippers and Carriers Move Freight Simply and Smartly
  • Nicholas Smolansky Nicholas Smolansky General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
    Nicholas Smolansky Our Legal Leader, Keeping Transfix Accountable and Holding Us to the Highest Standard Possible
  • Shane Duncan Shane Duncan VP of Sales
    Shane Duncan Our Growth Catalyst, Supercharging Every Opportunity for Transfix
  • Jonathan Rojas Jonathan Rojas VP of Carrier Operations
    Jonathan Rojas Our Architect, Providing Carriers With A Blueprint For Success

Press Kit

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Our People

Meet some of the people who keep our wheels turning here at Transfix.
  • Daniel Feliciano Daniel Feliciano Carrier Account Manager
    Daniel Feliciano As a veteran who served in the military for three years, Daniel comes to us with a background in telesales and financial consulting.
  • Mykela Martinez Mykela Martinez Customer Experience Associate
    Mykela Martinez From her time as a Membership Engagement Specialist with the YMCA to her Sales Development position at Justworks, her deep knowledge and understanding of our customers make her a great addition to Transfix as our Customer Experience Associate.
  • Karina Ruzinov Karina Ruzinov Senior Manager of Engineering
    Karina Ruzinov Nearly three years of partnership with Transfix, Karina lends her experience in software engineering coming to us formerly of Warby Parker.
  • Rob Treadwell Rob Treadwell Director of Revenue Operations
    Rob Treadwell Previously of C.H. Robinson, known by his last name, Treadwell, brings a deep knowledge of logistics now focusing on leading our revenue team.
  • Kevin Gilyani Kevin Gilyani Director of Pricing & Growth Strategy
    Kevin Gilyani Coming to us from J.B. Hunt, Kevin has spent the last five years at Transfix developing and leading operations, now focusing as Director of Pricing & Growth Strategy.
  • Yesenia Kantrowitz Yesenia Kantrowitz Compliance Manager
    Yesenia Kantrowitz Yesenia brings her experience in logistics and supply chain, her career path has led her to working closely with carriers as manager of our compliance team.
  • Rob Case Rob Case Senior Manager of Account Management
    Rob Case As a Rutgers Business School graduate with a BA in Supply Chain Management, Rob brings a vast experience of logistics, procurement, and sales as an account manager at Transfix.
  • Jimmy Hernandez Jimmy Hernandez Software Engineer Manager
    Jimmy Hernandez Graduating from the Massechusett’s Institute of Technology, Jimmy began at Transfix two years ago as a software engineer gaining his position as a team manager.
  • Fil Piasevoli Fil Piasevoli Senior Data Scientist
    Fil Piasevoli With a Master’s in Computational Science and Engineering, Filip brings his masterful blend of knowledge in mathematics and teaching as our Senior Data Scientist.
  • Marisol Calzada Marisol Calzada Account Manager
    Marisol Calzada Marisol is deeply rooted in the supply chain and logistics industries studying this career path at Loyola University and previously working at C.H. Robinson.
  • Rob LaFollette Rob LaFollette VP of Strategic Accounts
    Rob LaFollette Rob brings over 25 years of experience in strategic accounts, revenue growth, and sales all in the supply chain industry.
  • Gustavo Palaguachi Gustavo Palaguachi Senior Manager of Operations
    Gustavo Palaguachi One of our long-time veterans, Gustavo has almost been with Transfix from the start and has paved a path for himself as a Customer Experience Manager, using his BS in Supply Chain Management from Rutgers University.
Transfix accelerates into the fast lane with plans to go public via merger with G Squared Ascend I, Inc. (NYSE: GSQD).
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