Transfix provides the technology to move freight from A to B, and the people for everything in between. While Transfix’s technology platform helps automate many of the processes of a traditional brokerage, the movement of freight doesn’t happen by itself. We have a full team team to support and partner with shippers every step of the way. 

Below are some of the talented people and ways they work tirelessly to make sure our shippers are getting exceptional service.

Optimize your supply chain through a long-term partnership 

Traditional brokers often have the reputation of forging transactional relationships with their customers. However, at Transfix, we pride ourselves on building long-term, meaningful, value-driven partnerships with our shippers so we can constantly innovate and grow together. “I work with our internal teams to develop tailored, data-driven solutions and align our support resources for customers in a way that traditional brokers can’t because of their lack of tech infrastructure,” said Shane Duncan, VP of Sales. Our sales team works to develop a firm understanding of your transportation needs in order to provide custom recommendations on how to leverage our unique technology and data offerings to increase efficiency in your supply chain.

From left to right: Shane Duncan, VP of Sales; Carly Gunby, Enterprise Sales Director; Nick Lockwood, Sales Director

Avoid hassles with a single point-of-contact for all your freight information

Transactional relationships at other brokerage firms can lead to being bounced around from department to department for support-related questions, with no single person having a full view of your business. At Transfix, our Account Managers serve as our shippers’ single point-of-contact to ensure their freight runs smoothly and all support needs are met. We know it is important to have a clear responsible party that always picks up the phone. 

“Delivering a world-class customer experience is the highest priority for us,” said Mike Ghebrehiwet, Director of Account Management. This means account managers deeply understand all of the operational details for their accounts. We know the difference between success and failure often lies in the details — and understanding those specifics is key. On a daily basis, Account Managers are ensuring that they are hitting customer KPIs and if not, quickly developing plans to improve. Across our customers, we consistently have OTP and OTD above 98%. 

They also tailor custom solutions to our shippers’ pain points and changing priorities. When working with a large retailer, we noticed that when a contracted carrier rejected one of their loads, a coordinator would put the load up for auction and spend hours trying to find the best quote. Our account managers proposed our Daily Lane Rates product which allowed coordinators to know the rates for their top 10 lanes every morning without going to auction. We helped save each coordinator three hours a day.

From left to right: Marisol Gonzalez, Account Manager; Paulo Moreira, Director of Account Management; Jamie Tam, Account Manager

Get access to reliable, world-class carriers

Transfix prides itself on the relationships we’ve developed with thousands of carriers, the majority of which are mid-sized carriers with 2-100 power units. Our Carrier Managers are focused on finding the highest quality carriers who can provide our shippers with flexible capacity, reliability, and high service levels. “Our Core Carriers trust us to drive repeatable business for them. By doing this, we can strengthen the carrier’s business while negotiating more competitive rates for our shippers to meet their diverse needs,” said Jonathan Rojas, Director of Carrier Development.

From left to right: Jonathan Rojas, Director of Carrier Development; Tim Cassidy, Senior Carrier Account Manager; Sang Kim, Carrier Development Analyst

Gain peace of mind from knowing carriers meet strict safety and compliance standards

Our carriers have to go through rigorous compliance standards that far surpass industry standards before they can start moving freight with us, and we continue to monitor their safety ratings and insurance status on an ongoing basis. “Our number one priority is to provide the highest quality carriers. We are meticulous with the criteria we look into for our carriers to ensure that our shippers get access to a safe and reliable carrier base for their freight,” mentioned Yesi Kantrowitz, Compliance Manager. To date, 99.9% of loads done through Transfix have been claim free. We implement rigorous compliance standards and use technology to monitor requirements in real-time.

From left to right: Yesi Kantrowitz, Compliance Manager; Kevin Christie, Compliance Specialist; Luis Palaguachi, Compliance Lead

Save time by offloading freight scheduling and tracking to a dedicated team

The technology-driven tools that power Transfix — such as Smart Appointments to streamline scheduling pickups and deliveries, and in-app mobile tracking for drivers — allow our internal teams to automate manual processes to increase efficiency and lower costs while also providing real-time visibility into their freight movement. Automation also allows our team to focus on proactively intervening when needed such as working with facilities to confirm appointment details, actively managing any carrier issues if incidents occur, and ensuring drivers are being tracked on an on-going basis. 

Our customer success team is also constantly focused on driving more efficiencies for our shippers. “We do comprehensive reviews of each customer’s operational requirements so we can create standardized operational procedures to optimize freight performance from pick-up to delivery. We’re continuously thinking about how we can do things better, faster, and more efficiently,” said Mykela Martinez, Customer Experience Associate. 

From left to right: Katie Burke, Operations Lead; Peter Fearon, Senior Operations Associate; Mykela Martinez, Customer Experience Associate

People and technology are the backbones of Transfix. By leveraging Transfix’s proprietary technology platform, our different teams are able to partner with shippers to provide them with the best service through each step of the freight moving process. 

Transfix accelerates into the fast lane with plans to go public via merger with G Squared Ascend I, Inc. (NYSE: GSQD).
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