As the industry evolves, so does our innovative suite of business tools. To understand exactly what powers the Transfix platform, here is a view under the hood.

TrueRate Pricing

Transfix TrueRate is our unique pricing approach which blends our machine-learning algorithm with industry expertise to deliver competitive and sustainable pricing shippers can trust for their contract and spot rates.

At its heart, TrueRate allows us to accurately predict the true market rate. We are so confident in the accuracy of our pricing we guarantee rates for shippers.

Under the hood, TrueRate’s power resides in its unmatched data and world-class analysis. TrueRate uniquely combines years of proprietary in-house data and real-time carrier feedback with robust third-party data feeds. For example, TrueRate mines data from government indexes such as the CFS (Commodity Flow Survey). Incorporating a wide variety of government indexes affords us a granular understanding of the marketplace, as well as a holistic understanding of seasonality within the industry. Additionally, third-party providers like DAT, Sonar, and ITS strengthen TrueRate by providing up-to-minute information.

Algorithmic Carrier Matching

We’re driven by a desire to create a smarter, simpler, and more sustainable freight ecosystem. One of the core ways we can impact this market is by matching carriers with shippers at the right time and at the right price. Our platform aggregates thousands of data points including both carrier and shipper preferences and histories as well as market conditions, driver locations and carrier scorecards. Once this information has been consolidated we utilize our proprietary algorithm to rank and match the best carriers with the right loads. This helps drive repeat booking with top carriers.

Automated Compliance Checks

Efficiency and safety have to go hand in hand. We leverage our technology to automate and monitor carriers’ FMCSA status and safety ratings in real-time. As a result, we’re able to offer best-in-class service when it comes to claims. At Transfix, 99.9% of our loads move claim-free.

Carrier Scorecard

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it — that’s our mentality. Our scorecarding system incorporates on-time performance, bounce rate, and other key metrics, which allows us to monitor and manage carrier performance to deliver exceptional service to our shippers.

Smart Appointments

Automation helps clear the way for our team to tackle pressing and strategic problems. Our Smart Appointments streamline the lifecycle of a shipment by automating the scheduling of pickups and deliveries.

As soon as a shipment is tendered, we automatically send an email to the facility to confirm an appointment. We always have a human in the loop, so if the appointment isn’t confirmed, a member of our team will reach out directly. Blending the best tech and people, drives more on-time pickups and deliveries, while creating a more efficient supply chain.

Automated Tracking Alerts

Visibility equals peace-of-mind. Our team automatically receives tracking alerts for your shipments so we can proactively manage exceptions on your behalf. This helps us anticipate your needs, while keeping your business running smoothly.

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