Drives Us?

Transfix is helping usher in a new era in intelligent, modern logistics with a unique blend of expertise, technology, and responsibility to our shareholders, customers, our people, and our planet.


We use advanced data modeling to derive insights enabling our shipper & carrier partners to make faster, efficient, and more informed decisions to drive performance, reliability, and sustainability.


Our enterprise-grade technology is purpose-built to deliver many-to-many freight matching on a network level for shippers and carriers offering the benefits of scale to all participants.


We deliver dedicated service with talented, tenured, and sector-based freight and transportation experts, all empowered with cutting-edge technology to support every stage of the process for shippers, carriers, and drivers.


We deliver capacity at scale by building the best tools to help carriers manage their businesses – so they can provide the best opportunities for their drivers, drive the most value from their own assets, and deliver the best price and service to shippers.


Our people and technology are here to help you drive performance and resilience in your supply chain. Our commitment to your success is unwavering.


We are driving social responsibility forward by helping dramatically reduce empty miles, improve driver experiences, and foster an industry of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Technology built to help you handle the big stuff.

The Transfix Intelligent Freight Platform helps shippers and carriers manage and optimize freight networks at scale. Automated many-to-many matching enables greater speed, transparency, and reliability, as well as reduced costs.

What’s more, our machine learning intelligence continually adds value by increasing efficiency and optimization across our nationwide network. Which means everyone benefits, and the benefits get bigger and better over time.

Say goodbye to shipping one load at a time, one truck at a time. Say hello to more transparency and business volume.

Technology built to help

People above all,
yours and ours.

Where other brokerages have taken technology to the extreme by removing people from the equation, our dedicated transportation experts are fundamental to the Transfix difference. Ask any of our shipping customers and carrier partners and they’ll tell you.

We know the logistics leaders, dispatchers, and drivers who ship and haul with us professionally and personally. They call us for whatever they need, whenever they need, planned or unplanned. And they know we’ll respond – quickly and effectively. Nights. Weekends. Holidays. Come rain, come shine, come blizzard.

Empowered with intelligent matching, pricing, and data reporting technology, our teams bring deep sector experience to help our clients across industries handle the unique challenges they face. More than that, we always go the extra mile to deliver.

Yours and ours

Intuitive software to simplify your work, every day.

Managing your supply chain or your fleet with spreadsheets and paper is antiquated. The inefficient, stress-filled, time-consuming, difficult-to-manage processes that they require should be, too. That’s why Transfix has developed both our own easy-to-use transportation management system for logistics professionals and an intuitive fleet management system for dispatchers.

Transfix offers a modern solution to the age-old challenges of booking and managing freight for shippers and carriers. Now, with Transfix, shippers and carriers have unique tools to get real-time visibility into loads or assets and instant access to on-demand pricing and booking.

Intuitive software to simplify your work

Seamless Integrations

You have technology investments, our platform plugs right in. We support EDI, API, and custom integrations that enable you to create a seamless supply chain.

From transportation management systems and visibility and trucking applications to warehouse management and enterprise resource planning systems, plus any other platform you use to manage your freight, we will meet you wherever you are.  

Purpose. Driven.

Sustainability has guided our vision since our founding. For nearly a decade, we’ve invested heavily in using data and cutting-edge technology to help us multiply our positive impact. At the same time, we believe that diversity is critical to performance, which is why we actively promote inclusion in our business and across the broader trucking and technology industries. And we’re walking the walk, proudly, passionately, and transparently.
42 .8%1

of employees identify Black, Indigenous, and persons of color (BIPOC).

30 %1

of our senior executive roles are held by women

33 %1

of our board members are women

11Based on internal employee survey as of 12/31/22.

UN Global compact
United Nations Global Compact

We remain committed to largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, with more than 9,500 companies and 3,000 non-business signatories based in over 160 countries. These stakeholders work to implement sustainability principles and take steps to support United Nations goals.

EPA SmartWay Certified

Since 2019, we have participated in the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program having successfully tracked 8 million miles with certified carriers. Carriers that are registered with SmartWay can track and monitor fuel use and freight emissions.