Technological advancements bring with them the promise of improved lives and a more efficient economy. But for these advancements to be integrated into our daily lives, the technology needs to be user-friendly, intuitive, and influenced by the needs of its end users.

At Transfix, we’re always excited to give drivers and dispatchers an experience that improves their day-to-day while driving productivity and efficiency at every turn. Our mobile app enables them to:

Find Loads

Drivers can search for loads that match their preferences straight from our app. Time is money, and being able to access this information in real-time from any location is vital.

Book Loads

Once you’ve identified loads you wish to book, you’re just a tap away from securing your next shipment. Carriers can instantly book on-the-go, ensuring their trucks stay full.

View Load Details

Once a load is booked, carriers will be able to access every detail related to the shipment and sign the rate contract in-app. Information includes shipping contents, weight, pick-up and delivery time and facility information.

Get Paid Quickly

Carriers are able to upload proof of delivery information from anywhere and get paid quickly.

To access the Transfix App: Apple Store | Google Play

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