Last week, Transfix was named to WIT’s (Women in Trucking) 2019 “Top Company for Women to Work For In Transportation” at the fifth annual Accelerate! Conference in Dallas, TX. The conference, hosted by the Women In Trucking Association (WIT), celebrated individuals and companies that promote gender diversity within the industry. Attendees also enjoyed over 60 educational breakout sessions covering topics such as technology, health & wellness, and what it takes to retain quality drivers.

The WIT, now in its 12th year of existence, is a non-profit organization focused on the transportation and logistics industry. Their core mission is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, through education, conferences, and resources made available to both companies and drivers.

 Transfix’s Head of SMB, Liz Ward, with the President and CEO of WIT Ellen Voie. Transfix’s Head of SMB, Liz Ward, with the President and CEO of WIT Ellen Voie.

Liz Ward, Transfix’s Head of SMB, accepted the WIT’s prestigious award on behalf of our company. “It’s inspiring to be a part of the WIT community and for Transfix to be recognized as a progressive, forward-thinking company that is dedicated to driving change within the industry,” said Ward. According to Brian Everett, publisher of Redefining the Road, there are several key features that distinguish companies recognized on this list, including: corporate cultures that foster gender diversity; competitive compensation and benefits; flexible hours and work requirements; professional development opportunities; and career advancement opportunities.

As a company at the intersection of tech and trucking, Transfix stands out in its commitment to diversity in the boardroom and throughout the company. With Lily Shen as President and COO and Andrea Blankmeyer as CFO, Transfix’s C-Suite is 33% women. Transfix is dedicated to elevating women in the workplace, doing so in part through internal “Women of Transfix” initiatives, consisting of monthly and quarterly meetings that provide a safe space for women employees to network and grow via educational workshops and panels.Transfix is a place where everyone involved has a voice and makes a difference, and innovation and technology are part of the company’s DNA as it works to improve connections between shippers and truckers.

The three day conference featured a diverse list of attendees and speakers ranging from trucking companies and 3PLs to manufacturers, retailers, truck driving schools, financial institutions, insurance companies, and health & fitness services. Ward was our eyes and ears on the ground in Dallas and returned to our headquarters with two major takeaways from the conference.

Shipper of Choice

This subject is near and dear to drivers’ hearts. The breakout session entitled “From Driver Perks to Driver First: The Evolution of Shipper Choice” gave drivers a platform to candidly discuss how shippers could improve the carrier experience. Facility pickup and drop-off flexibility, accommodations, efficiency, and low detention times were all referenced multiple times by members of the panel. Beyond the specific suggestions, the core sentiment that seemed to shine through was that drivers wanted to be treated with respect and not merely as a line item. That respect can manifest itself in a multitude of ways, from courteous interactions at facilities to companies offering waiting rooms with air conditioning, vending machines, and WiFi. “One driver mentioned her positive relationship with Walmart and the fact that the company offers drivers access to employee gyms, complete with weights and exercise equipment,” noted Ward. It may seem like a simple offering, but the drivers on the panel made it clear that detention time is not the only factor that goes into a company achieving the “Shipper of Choice” distinction.

Health & Wellness

Drivers quite literally live on the road, and unfortunately, that makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle difficult. The “Driver Health & Wellness: Challenges, Solutions” breakout session provided the audience with a few lifestyle “hacks” and one potential company giveaway that could be a game-changer for drivers. The hacks ranged from yoga in empty trailers to power walking challenges (33 laps around a 53-foot trailer equals 1 mile). For anyone looking to create stronger relationships with their carriers, the inverter may be the answer. Converting a 12 volt DC output in a truck’s cabin into an outlet capable of powering a 1100-watt appliance is the key to unlocking a normalized diet for truckers. Coolers and meal-prepping only go so far for cross country drivers. With a mini-fridge and microwave powered by an inverter, drivers could really step up their game in their mobile kitchens.

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