The complexities facing a modern supply chain can be unrelenting at times, and no one knows that better than Natural Choice Food’s Inbound Logistics Lead, Zach Palmer. For over two decades, food manufacturers have turned to NCF to move their overstocked and distressed inventory, in a timely fashion. The old adage that time is money is particularly true for NCF and their customers.

Zach Palmer is tasked with taming the wide array of variables facing NCF’s supply chain. Due to seasonality, market volatility, and unforeseen delays out on the road, Palmer turns to Transfix to provide vetted carriers for his time-sensitive loads. The Transfix Terminal shipping platform eliminates the time-consuming hurdles that have plagued the industry for decades. Palmer is able to navigate the platform and book in less than a minute. “The ease of use, visibility and reliability are the three reasons why I turn to Transfix,” said Palmer. The Transfix Terminal provides companies like NCF with instant and guaranteed quotes, along with an intuitive dashboard that presents complete visibility into every one of their shipments. Interactive maps can alert shippers if any load is running behind schedule, and account managers are standing by to troubleshoot if anything goes awry.  “The most appealing aspect of working with Transfix Terminal is that on one hand the technology is incredibly easy to use, and on the other hand, if I need to connect with someone to sort out any issue, you guys are on top of things right away,” said Palmer. This combination of technology and logistical expertise has helped strengthen Transfix’s relationship with NCF in 2019 and led the company to increase their bookings by 41.5% quarter over quarter from Q2 to Q3.

“The ease of use, visibility and reliability are the three reasons why I turn to Transfix.”

— Zach Palmer, Natural Choice Foods


Every shipper has priority loads that require special attention, but when it comes to shipments in the food & beverage space, elite customer service is a must. “There are tiny details like the temperature of the van that sometimes require a human follow-up, and even though it’s rare, it’s reassuring to know I can rely on Transfix to get everything right,” said Palmer. Shippers across the country are turning to the Transfix Terminal for the ease of use, instant and guaranteed quotes, and the peace of mind Palmer mentioned. “After Transfix walked me through how to use Terminal, I felt like a pro right away. I can’t overstate how easy it is to use and it solves a real need for our business,” remarked Zach Palmer.

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