Last week, Transfix had the honor of hosting a night of speed-networking with WomenHack, a company that promotes gender equality in tech and helps people get hired at companies that are committed to diversity in the workplace. Tech companies from across New York came together with a common mission: find game-changing talent while fostering a sense of community amongst women in tech. The Transfix HQ was abuzz as more than 100 women shared their experiences and networked. The energy, simply put, was electric. 

Although the employment numbers within the tech industry workforce were once abysmal, they’ve since shown significant signs of improvement. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women now make up nearly 13% of engineers and 26% of computer scientists. Since our inception, Transfix has devoted itself to positively alter that number within its talent pool and our WomenHack + Transfix event was just one of the initiatives to increase the number of women in both the tech and logistics space.

Our engineering manager, Karina Ruzinov, was the keynote speaker for the evening. She shared her remarkable professional journey that illustrated the challenges a young woman can face when searching for a sense of community within the industry. “Majoring in computer science in college led me to believe that only men liked programming. I figured that this was going to be the world I chose and that I would just have to accept it,” Karina shared, “Transfix was exactly what I was looking for in a company. Operating in an industry where 1 in 15 workers in the United States is a truck driver, Transfix has so many opportunities to provide great services to our shippers, uphold great relationships with our carriers, and to try and bring a lot more efficiency into the industry as a whole.”

The stark image usually associated with leadership is male-dominated in the technology workforce – when you walk through our doors, you immediately recognize that our team of leaders is not only on diverse, but inclusive. “The unique thing about my time here at Transfix, is that I’ve been surrounded by more women in leadership than ever before,” Karina expressed, “I’ve felt inspired by seeing them thrive here and found my community of women growing even larger. When I set my sights on becoming a leader here, I felt empowered and supported.” 

After Karina’s inspiring keynote, a few other top employers in NYC also took the stage. Then attendees engaged in one-on-one conversations with Transfix and other companies to try and find the best fit for their career needs. As colleagues collaborated, the sense of community and shared mission was palpable. Every inch of our of midtown office was filled with what seemed like a genesis of lasting connections with Transfix, WomenHack, and the women who shared our space for what proved to be an unforgettable evening.

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