Freight Fraud is at an all-time high.
Future-proof your operations with tools
built by a team with
real skin in the game.

Transfix Shield is a step toward a fraud-resilient supply chain.

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Get the power to prevent truckload theft with Facility Shield.

Secure Your Facilities

Facility Shield provides an easy process for driver verification, making your facilities more secure.

Smooth Integration

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. Facility Shield is easy to implement and integrates with existing check-in processes!

Defend Against Fraudsters

Make your facilities and loads unattractive to bad actors.


Protect your business, elevate trust, and fight fraud — all with RateCon Shield.

Automate Security

RateCon Shield applies unique QR codes to your rate confirmation documents, helping secure each load.

Quick & Fool-Proof

Verifying is easy for carriers, using their phone camera to simply scan the QR code and verify the load in seconds.

Security as Your Competitive Edge

With RateCon Shield, your commitment to security will help make you a go-to brokerage for carriers.

Streamlined Implementation

Eliminate the hassle of building an in-house fraud solution. Our solution can integrate and protect loads — fast!

For Shippers

For Brokers

Exclusive Infographics

Finally, infographics that simplify complex market trends into easy-to-understand visuals. You can: 

  • Explore what’s driving rate fluctuations;
  • Understand the impact of inflation;
  • Keep tabs on when the market will flip; and
  • Better understand its implications for the trucking industry.

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Q1. What is the difference between Facility Shield and RateCon Shield?

Facility Shield and RateCon Shield are tools within the Transfix Shield fraud prevention suite aimed at mitigating fraud in the freight ecosystem. Facility Shield is a tool specifically for Shippers, while RateCon Shield is for Brokers. Read more below to understand how each tool works.

Q2. How does Facility Shield mitigate risk for my network?

Facility Shield prioritizes freight security and helps deter theft through its real-time driver verification process. With a driver validation tool, you can prevent impersonation and potential fraudulent activities. In doing so, you secure the safety of your freight, build trust with your logistics partners, and uphold the integrity of your operations.

Q3. Does implementation require significant IT resources? How quickly can we implement?

No! Facility Shield is designed for efficient implementation, easily integrating with your current logistics workflow. Facility Shield can be implemented where you need it — at one or all of your facilities. This simple but effective enhancement to your security allows you to stay focused on what truly matters: your day-to-day operations and business growth.

Q4. How does RateCon Shield work?

RateCon Shield is an anti-fraud software for brokers that connects directly with your TMS. Our software adds QR codes to rate confirmation (RateCon) documents, allowing carriers to verify the authenticity of the RateCon and the broker who issued it.

Q5. How does the carrier scanning process work?

Each RateCon Shield protected document includes a unique QR code. Carriers can scan QR codes using their iOS or Android smartphone camera, which will direct them to a verification page at “”. An authentic RateCon can be identified by ensuring that details about the broker and the shipment on the RateCon match the details on the verification page.

Q6. How does RateCon Shield mitigate risk for my brokerage?

RateCon Shield helps counter fraud by providing carriers with an easy-to-use anti-fraud tool, helping them avoid impersonators and potential fraudulent activities. And in-turn, helps brokers avoid fraudulent claims and protect their brand’s reputation.

Q7. Does implementation require significant IT resources? How quickly can we integrate?

No! RateCon Shield is designed for quick implementation and requires implementation of a single API call in your TMS. Our team can provide your IT staff or TMS provider with a short onboarding package that outlines the process. The process is simple, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your operations and growth.

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