Transportation Pricing, Reimagined.

Transfix TrueRate+ is the evolution of traditional cost-plus. It incorporates real-time freight data and blends machine-learning technology with industry expertise to determine a projected Market Rate, plus a management fee calculated by our Shipper Savings formula.

TTR RateManagemen
Trust that Drives Savings

Trust that Drives Savings

  • Avoid the “blank check” concerns of some traditional cost-plus programs by aligning incentives for pricing accuracy, which can lead to greater savings.
  • Shippers receive a majority of the savings if Transfix procures capacity below the Market Rate, while Transfix takes on more financial risk if the actual carrier rate is above the initially estimated Market Rate.
  • Transfix balances your service KPIs and price to give you the right carriers for your needs.
  • If shippers aren’t satisfied with the program they can cancel at any time.

Transparency Made Simple

  • Transfix is fully transparent to shippers about our costs, procurement process, and the savings we drive on every shipment.
  • All shippers can view their respective data from Transfix’s free shipper software.
  • Eligible shippers get free access to our end-to-end TMS, including operational insights and advanced capabilities to improve the performance of a company's freight strategies.
Transparency Made Simple

Build Supply Chain Resilience

  • Protect your most critical lanes — even ones with low volumes or high seasonality — from market volatility.
  • Save on operational & administrative overhead by breaking the endless RFP cycle. 
  • Realize lower rates and save spend during soft markets, while ensuring tender acceptance with reliable capacity in tight markets.
Build Supply Chain Resilience
Strategic Capacity for the Long Haul

Strategic Capacity for the Long Haul

  • Strengthen carrier relationships by joining our innovative pricing program with access to nearly 30,000 carriers and 425,000+ trucks across dry-van, refrigerated, and flat-bed.
  • Stop negotiating against carriers every time the market turns. Build a consistent and predictable partnership so carriers can deepen their understanding of your processes, facilities, and customers.
  • Tender with confidence and expect high service levels -- no matter how volatile the market gets.

Logistics Consultants with Flexible Solutions

Transfix TrueRate+ is available to shippers who are:

  • In need of a single-source provider for their entire network
  • Only looking for lane-level optimization
  • Looking to mitigate risk and test the waters on alternative sourcing strategies
  • Our team of logistics professionals, product experts, data scientists, and pricing strategists partner with you to identify network insights so we can deliver innovative freight solutions to help you build a more resilient supply chain.
Logistics Consultants with  Flexible Solutions

Reliably delivering results for shippers.

*A pick up or delivery is considered "On-time" if satisfied within 30 minutes of its scheduled time. Based on internal data from Transfix January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

**Calculated based on Transfix 2021 loads with formally submitted cargo loss and damage claims as a percentage of the total number of loads moved.

In 2021, Transfix technology drove results across key metrics:


On-time pickup*


On-time delivery*


Loads delivered claim free**

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