From rate volatility and capacity crunches to operational issues and rising sustainability requirements, the freight transportation industry is at a crossroads. That’s why you need a partner who is driven to deliver for you in areas that matter most: performance, service, and purpose.

That’s Transfix. With dedicated experts and advanced technology, we drive modern supply chain performance at scale.

The Transfix Intelligent
Freight PlatformTM

The Transfix Intelligent Freight Platform is the next-generation of freight technology. Combining enterprise-grade, machine-learning technology with modern, intuitive software and best-in-class freight experts, Transfix is enabling organizations to deliver with high performance and high reliability, drive long-term strategy and capacity planning, take empty miles off the road, and optimize their networks, at scale.

Digital Freight Marketplace

Enterprise-grade technology purpose-built to deliver many-to-many, data-driven freight matching for shippers and carriers, offering the benefits of scale in performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

Modern, Intuitive Software

Make smarter, more efficient, and more profitable decisions with our transportation and fleet management software solutions.

Best-In-Class Experts

Count on dedicated service and support from our talented and tenured freight experts, powered by advanced data modeling and cutting-edge machine-learning technology.


See how Transfix’s software solutions give shippers and carriers the data-driven insights to operate with reliability, sustainability, efficiency, and savings, at scale.


Transfix offers predictability and reliability in an uncertain and chaotic environment. Get the capacity, speed, and visibility you need to drive supply chain performance.


Run a smarter, more reliable, and more predictable business. Grow your network with consistent freight, manage your lanes, take empty miles off the road, and maximize your partnerships and profit.

Relationship. Driven.

Helping carriers grow their business & access the right load at the right time, and helping shippers drive optimal supply chain performance is our top priority, which is why logistics professionals, dispatchers, and drivers nationwide love working with us. But don’t just take our word for it.

We value our growing partnership with Transfix because they identify long term business opportunities – it’s about servicing the customer, not about the cheapest transactional rate for each load.”

VP, Sales & Marketing
Brown Trucking

Transfix has found a unique way to add value in our drop-heavy network. Independent trailer pools that utilized one-off power units were not reliable. As markets tightened, service dropped. On the other hand, Transfix’s carriers faithfully show up and deliver.”

Manager, Transportation Procurement

I consider Transfix an extension of our team. For us to be a successful business we need a partner who can give us consistent loads, and they’ve done that for us."

UFC Trucking

Transfix is really changing the game when it comes to giving us the tools we need to run our business seamlessly. I worked closely with the team there to build features that I needed to run Goldstar Logistics and since then, my dispatchers can communicate with their customers and drivers quickly and easily while I have access to reporting in one central place to keep my business going."

Gold Star Logistics