18 Women to Watch in the Supply Chain

From Trailblazers to Trendsetters, These are Women Shaking Up the Supply Chain Industry

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of women taking on leadership roles in the supply chain. “In 2022, women accounted for 19% of C-level positions in the average supply chain organization, up from 15% in 2021,” according to a survey by Gartner, Inc. and AWESOME. In fact, every leadership level saw an increase in women representation including C-level positions with a 19% uptick and VP-level roles at 21%. And when it comes to the workforce as a whole, women are holding strong at 41% – a gradual, but steady YoY growth. 

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we wanted to highlight some inspiring women to watch in the supply chain space. While this is by no means exhaustive, those included in our list have been personally nominated by partners, account managers, and executives at Transfix inspired by the leadership of each woman.

    1. Wendy Herrick (Unilever)
      With over 25 years of experience at Unilever, she has proven herself time and time again as a dedicated and accomplished leader. Her journey began in Bristol, England, and has taken her to every corner of the globe, where she has honed her skills in both finance and supply chain. Now, as Head of Customer Excellence for the US Supply Chain at Unilever, Wendy is poised to make an even greater impact, driving excellence and innovation in all aspects of the customer experience.
    2. Jessy Ceron (Henkel)
      Born and raised in Honduras, she relocated to Salt Lake City at 15, where she learned English as a second language. Despite dealing with adversity surrounding her accent, Jessy has used her 13-year career in logistics to inspire women across the company as an active participant in Henkel’s employee resource groups (ERGs), and volunteering with not-for-profit, Common Hope. She is now a transportation manager at Henkel.
    3. Ashley Watson (NMWAIT)
      In 2021, Ashley founded National Minority Women Association in Transportation, Inc. (NMWAIT), a membership-based, minority women-owned advocacy organization whose objective is to increase the visibility, capacity, and profitability of professional minority women and men in the transportation industry. Not only has Ashley created a cornerstone organization that advocates for people of color in the industry, but she thrives by providing educational opportunities and advocacy to put words to action. Ashley is back on the road, driving her 18-wheeler and family across the country.
    4. Tawana Randall (Goldstar Logistics Group)
      Mentoring the next generation of BIPOC dispatchers, Tawana created a unique opportunity to kickstart the training and development of those who succeed her with “Business in a Box”. She’s also the owner and founder of metro Atlanta-based carrier consultancy business Gold Star Logistics Group where Tawana started with one truck and has since grown to dispatch for over 40 vehicles. Gold Star Logistics Group provides freight dispatching, dispatch training, compliance, back office, and mentoring services to owner-operators and smaller carriers.
    5. Blythe Brumleve (Digital Dispatch, Everything is Logistics)
      Blythe Brumleve spreads infectious energy wherever she goes! As a dynamic entrepreneur and the proud owner of Digital Dispatch, a company that provides digital marketing solutions to the transportation and logistics industry, she truly is a one-woman-band and content machine. She is a true trailblazer in her field, using her expertise and innovative thinking to make a real difference for her listeners and clients. Whether you’re a logistics professional looking to grow your business, or simply someone who admires hard-working women who go above and beyond, Blythe Brumleve is a name you need to know. You can check out her podcast and newsletter, “Everything is Logistics” on digitaldispatch.io – the show was just inducted into Linkedin’s inaugural Podcast Academy.
    6. Shelley Young (Shelley Young Consulting)
      Mentoring hundreds of those that belong to the next generation of the supply chain, Shelley recently launched her own supply chain consultancy, and her experience spans more than 25 years in consumer packaged goods, medical devices, and pharmaceutical sectors at Johnson & Johnson – she’s also served as an adjunct professor of supply chain management at Rutgers University. Her infectious energy and positive attitude inspire those around her to strive for excellence and to achieve their full potential.
    7. Lauren Beagen (The Maritime Professor)
      Lauren’s passion for the maritime sector shines through in every aspect of her work, and her dedication to finding innovative solutions has made her a sought-after consultant and advisor. With a deep understanding of the industry’s complexities and challenges, Lauren is well-equipped to help clients navigate the ever-changing landscape of the maritime world. You can catch her every Friday on LinkedIn with her podcast, “By Land and By Sea” focusing on all things…you guessed it: maritime!
    8. Ayeh Bandeh-Ahmadi (Transfix)
      Simply put, Ayeh is a visionary and driving force here at Transfix. Ayeh comes to us with a background spanning seven years as an economist at the U.S. Department of Treasury and has led discussions around the state of the economy with the U.S. Secretary of Defense, the Prime Minister of the U.K., NATO, the White House, and Congress. As our impassioned Chief Economist, Ayeh is leveraging her experience in the Treasury market to refine pricing auctions in the logistics space, while leading the data and analytics team.
    9. Gladys Dreiling (Supplier.io)
      A self-proclaimed “data geek”, Gladys has been a champion of diversity and inclusion throughout her 30+ year career. As VP of Data Operations and Delivery, Gladys is deep in the trenches providing invaluable insights to customers to help them achieve their ESG goals, specifically with diverse suppliers. Her passion for technology is evident in everything she does. Whether it’s designing complex software systems or leading large-scale digital transformations, Gladys approaches every challenge with a combination of technical expertise and creative problem-solving.
    10. Holly Hoeppner  (The Home Depot)
      Holly Hoeppner is a highly experienced logistics pro with over 20 years of experience in partnering with internal and external clients to improve profitability and reduce costs. She has managed inventory in 12 warehouses with $10M in inventory. Currently, she serves as a Senior Logistics Analyst – Carrier Compliance at The Home Depot, where she monitors daily and weekly carrier performance, develops carrier ranking reports, and works with carriers on EDI processes.
    11. Jill Donoghue (Bumble Bee)
      When it comes to spearheading supply chain evolution and optimization, Jill Donoghue fires on all cylinders. Currently, she oversees customer service, warehousing, transportation, planning, data analytics, and master data at Bumble Bee Foods. She’s also actively involved in industry organizations, including the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Operations, Management, and Education. Jill was part of the team responsible for coordinating the donation of more than $1 million in Bumble Bee products to U.S. food banks as part of the company’s COVID-19 relief effort.
    12. Margaret Morris (StitchFix)
      Margaret Morris’s professional experience reaches across various supply chain functions – from food to fashion, truckload to intermodal, and load planning and account management at C.H. Robinson to supply chain optimization for notable shippers like U.S. Foods and StitchFix. As consumer behaviors continue to shift, and supply chain leaders gain more leverage in operational growth, a well-rounded leader like Morris is bound to thrive.
    13. Peggy Lambe (Benjamin Moore)
      Meet Peggy Lambe, a goal-driven professional with a passion for streamlining supply chain operations. As a CPSM-certified Transportation Manager at Benjamin Moore & Co. for over 8 years, Peggy has a proven track record of cost-saving initiatives, negotiating contracts, and optimizing carrier relationships resulting in savings of $200,000 annually. Peggy is a collaborative team player who works cross-functionally with procurement and marketing to launch new products while continually evaluating and enhancing the existing transportation network.
    14. Grace Sharkey (Freightwaves)
      A self-proclaimed “freight tech nerd”, Grace has made a name for herself as a thought leader and expert in supply chain management. You can find her colorful industry commentary with Freightwaves as their staff writer and host of the Drive Time SiriusXM radio show, and Great Quarter, Gals video show. Her deep understanding of the complexities of logistics, coupled with her natural curiosity and innovative thinking, has allowed her to help companies all over the world streamline their operations and reach new levels of success.
    15. Yessica Ramos-Barrios (Floor & Decor)
      Yessica Ramos Barrios is a solutions-driven supply chain professional with experience leading cross-functional teams to develop and deliver cost-effective process innovations that achieve business goals. Currently working as a Logistics Analyst at Floor & Decor since September 2021, Yessica has gained vast knowledge in performance metrics, transportation, and warehouse management systems, as well as carrier management and supply chain optimization. Prior to joining Floor & Decor, she worked as a Fulfillment Expert and Department Trainer at Target, where she honed her skills in shipping and receiving, sales trend analysis, and tech consultancy.
    16. Anna Lee Yee (Central National Gottesman)
      For over 14 years, Anna Lee Yee has grown and leveraged her expertise in cost management, analyzing information, customer satisfaction, and prioritizing multiple projects within tight deadlines. Currently, she manages and optimizes logistics and supply chain operations for Central National Gottesman Inc., supporting strategic projects for the company’s three divisions for exports, imports, and foreign-to-foreign moves. She has a deep understanding of international trade, SAP, OTM, JDE Enterprise One, EDI, logistics, contracting, negotiating, supply chain management, project management, and freight management, making her a valuable asset to any organization.
    17. Deborah Swayney-Jones (Lego)
      Deb Swaney-Jones is a change catalyst with a passion for championing sustainable and diverse solutions in the consumer goods industry. Today, she’s a Senior Transportation Manager for the Americas at the LEGO Group. Prior to joining LEGO, she spent 36 years at Unilever, holding various roles in logistics procurement, mergers and acquisitions, and sustainability development. Throughout her career, Swaney-Jones has led large teams, developed supplier relationship management programs, and implemented innovative solutions for carbon capture and diversity, and inclusion.
    18. Alex Porter (Kraft-Heinz)
      Alex is known for her fierce and precise partnership approach in managing vendor relationships, always looking for opportunities to improve service metrics and scorecards for both parties. Today, Alex Porter is a transportation manager at Kraft Heinz, a multinational food company. She’s also worked as a senior analyst in warehouse operations and procurement. A strong leader who takes her role and responsibilities seriously, Alex is considered by partners and colleagues as an excellent representative for women in the industry.