Transfix Partners with Health in Transportation to Enhance Driver Wellness and Safety on the Road

New York, NY [SEPTEMBER 12, 2023] – Transfix, Inc. (“Transfix”), today announced its partnership with Health in Transportation, a pioneer in the commitment to promoting driver health and well-being. This collaboration helps drivers track and prioritize their health while on the road, promoting a stronger and more sustainable trucking industry.

Health in Transportation provides truck drivers across the country access to a suite of health and medical services, including their innovative CDL Health Scanner, health coaching, and disease management programs. As part of the partnership, Transfix will provide complimentary access to CDL heath scanners to carriers within its network. The groundbreaking scanners use a patented Transdermal Optical Imaging technology to scan a driver’s face and record vitals including blood pressure, heart rate, BMI, and respiratory rate. The partnership will also include a health and wellness consultation during new driver orientations.

Transfix will also sponsor Health in Transportation’s Veterans 22 Push-Up Challenge - a program dedicated to promoting awareness for veteran suicide prevention, as veterans make up 10% of the trucking industry.

“Truckers have had an incredibly rough year with historically low rates, shutdowns, and an upsurge in fraud across the industry,” said Jonathan Salama, CEO and Co-founder of Transfix. “It was important for us to look for innovative offerings that we could provide to our carrier network, and Health in Transportation has been a game changer for helping drivers stay healthy on the road. Often our industry overlooks the physical challenges a truck driver faces when they’re out there on the road delivering goods. Partnering with Bob really brings a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in the truck driver community.”

Founder of Health in Transportation, Bob Perry, will play a pivotal role in this partnership, leveraging his 25+ years of experience in promoting driver wellness. With a national reputation as a driver-wellness advocate, Bob Perry has been featured in prominent media outlets, including the New York Times, Men's Health Magazine, FOX Network, and monthly in 

“I’m proud to partner with Transfix on another huge step in bringing driver health forward. Transfix ‘gets it’—understanding the true asset is the driver behind the wheel,” said Perry. “I’m appreciative and thankful to Jonathan Salama and his team at Transfix for supporting the truck driver-centric health programs that I believe to be important.”

Perry was recently featured on the Transfix Take On podcast highlighting the importance of better health and wellness in the supply chain. 


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About Health in Transportation
Health in Transportation, in a working relationship with NuraLogix, offers a groundbreaking preventive tool known as the CDL Health Scanner. This unique system utilizes Transdermal Optical Imaging, a patented technology by Anura, to enable drivers to track their health on the road conveniently. By simply scanning their face using their smartphone camera, drivers can access key vital sign analyses, such as blood pressure, heart rate, BMI, and respiratory rate. Educational resources are provided to empower drivers to make simple yet impactful changes that safeguard their licenses and livelihoods. The CDL Health Scanner also helps drivers prepare for the DOT Exam effectively.


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