5 Reasons to Use Digital Freight Brokerages

In these unprecedented times the domestic supply chain, much like every other market, is grappling with the new reality brought on by the novel coronavirus. As the freight market wades into uncharted territory, logisticians are isolated at home trying to manage their freight. Shippers, now more than ever, should be turning to Digital Freight Brokerages to ensure the timely movement of their goods; here are 5 reasons why:

1. Easy Integration

Different sectors have different needs at this time, but ultimately ease of use is a top priority across the board. Stressed industries moving essential goods need to expand their carrier-base to meet demand, and non-stressed industries still need to source reliable carriers. Whether they’re moving essential or non-essential goods, shippers do not have time to onboard traditional brokerages and integrate them with their systems.

Transfix integrates with every TMS. Usually, our EDI integrations take less than two weeks, but in response to COVID-19 we’re shrinking that timeline. Transfix is now offering rapid deployment, which facilitates faster onboardings and access to our nationwide carrier network of 18,000.

2. Visibility

Crowded facilities and closed rest stops have interrupted the usual rhythm of freight. Pennsylvania alone closed 30 rest stops in response to Coronavirus, before reversing course. Shippers need visibility into their shipments to make sure loads remain on track.

Real-time visibility is table-stakes for digital brokerages. We’ve been at the forefront of this technology and providing hyper-accurate location services to our clients. You can easily track pick up and drop off from the Transfix platform day or night. Proactive shipment management is why our OTP/OTD is 98%.

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3. Quick and True Spot Rates

Coronavirus is not the only market disrupter; produce season has begun in earnest and will add regionalized volatility to the market. Toss in federal, state and local safety mandates and it unclears what rate to pay.

Transfix’s TrueRate pricing algorithm leverages technology, data, and people to produce accurate spot market rates in these turbulent times.

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4. Guaranteed Capacity

Unsurprisingly, tender rejections have sky-rocketed during the first few weeks of the pandemic. The market was poised to tighten before COVID-19 spread across the globe, but stressed businesses are feeling the crunch earlier. The closing of carriers and brokers before and during the crisis has only exacerbated the tightening.

Digital brokerages use smart freight matching technologies to pair shippers with vetted carriers across a nationwide network. Transfix accounts for each carrier’s lane preferences and scorecard to make sure your freight moves safely and on-time. We guarantee capacity, even in these times.

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5. Data, Data, Data

Data Deep Dive Elizabeth, NJData is always important, but access to actionable insights that save time and money just means more right now. Since all the booking and tracking is done within a platform, digital brokerages have information traditional brokerages cannot access.

Transfix provides our shippers data to lower accessorial spend and lower dwell time. If your facilities aren’t swamped to ship essential goods, these insights will benefit you when Coronavirus subsides and the demand in the market must be fulfilled.

For shippers unfamiliar with digital freight brokerages, now is a good time to explore the future of freight.