Training Tomorrow’s Talent: Organizations Investing in the Next Generation of Dispatchers

Organizations Investing in the Next Generation of Dispatchers
Partnership Spotlight Series


Leading Ladies of Logistix has been a valued partner of Transfix since 2020. Founded by four women, the organization is committed to empowering businesswomen with the resources and support they need to achieve success in the traditionally male-dominated transportation industry. Co-founder Tawana Randall, who is also the founder of Gold Star Logistics Group LLC, brought the two organizations together to create a one-stop shop that will help the next generation of dispatchers start their businesses from the ground up. Dubbed “Business-in-a-Box,” the package includes a laptop, access to mentorship opportunities, and dispatching classes at no cost.

Jenni Ruiz, senior marketing manager at Transfix, caught up with Randall recently to learn more about the exciting initiatives and plans ahead for Leading Ladies of Logistix and Gold Star


Jenni Ruiz: In an earlier conversation, you mentioned that Leading Ladies of Logistix is training reformed prisoners to become dispatchers to help them get a second chance. What was the thought process behind that, and what has the experience been like thus far?

Tawana Randall: We will be teaching dispatching to women coming out of prison and needing a new start. It was important that we provide an opportunity to get a second chance at doing something that will be sustainable for the long haul – carriers will always need dispatchers, it’s a lucrative field in trucking. Not to mention, most of the incarcerated women that we’ll work with only have three to six months left in their sentences. They’ll be able to take the course before they re-enter society as part of a program in Henry County, Georgia. 

JR: Giving opportunities to women who need a fresh start has been a pillar of your philanthropic work. Last year, we partnered with you on your “Business-in-a-Box” initiative, which provides newcomers the opportunity to start up their dispatching businesses. We’d love to hear how things are going and what future iterations will look like.

TR: Well, we recently partnered with one of the world’s largest furniture retailers in their commitment to provide all upcoming Business-in-a-Box winners with a home-office setup, complete with a desk and a chair. Winners of the box are starting their businesses right from home, so it was important for us to make the work-from-home life of a dispatcher a comfortable one.

JR: That’s wonderful. Being comfortable at home while working is important. As we talk more about opportunities for the next generation of trucking, I remember us speaking earlier in the year about partnering with local schools in the area. Tell us how that’s going.

TR: Lots of big things are happening. In 2023, we have a partnership lined up with Georgia Southern College (GSU) for their upcoming supply chain career fair. We also work with GSU to place college students with trucking companies as interns or in part-time jobs. Thus far, we’ve placed seven students with carrier partners. 

For the remainder of the year, we have five more classes to teach. In those dispatching classes, we’ll be holding our Business-in-a-Box giveaway. We’ve had a lot of success, and I’d like to continue with these classes and giveaways. One of our winners, Azalea Hancock from Atlanta, told us her personal laptop died the day before she won, and now she’s been working hard at getting her dispatching business up and running. A second winner, Michelle Jones of Strech Run Road LLC, mentioned that being a recipient allowed an opportunity to decrease operating expenses and work remotely from anywhere. It’s a great feeling, but we’ve got more work to do and more boxes to give away.

JR: I won’t keep you long, as I know you’re an incredibly busy woman, but what’s next for the Leading Ladies?

TR: As of now, the Leading Ladies of Logistix are not doing any events or conferences this year. It was important for us to step away from being present at conferences and really be intentional about the future of Leading Ladies. It was time for us to evolve our strategy and think about what kind of partnerships would open up opportunities for our members and focus on new members looking for guidance as they begin a new journey into dispatching.