4 Ways the Transfix Shipper App Can Radically Transform Your Logistics Workflow

The home page prioritizes exception management

When logistics pros commiserate about the industry that never sleeps, it’s not only because trains, planes, and trucks are constantly in route between points A and B. What creates that frenetic whack-a-mole workflow in logistics is exception management – when shipments run late, trucks wreck, tenders get rejected, and so on.

Transfix recently revamped its Transfix Shipper App – formerly Transfix TMS – and our team took the urgency of exception management into consideration in the redesign. When logistics managers arrive at work, what they most need to see easily on the home page is those problem-events for their shipments, so they can quickly address and resolve those issues. 

“We got really good feedback from shippers that this is the direction that they want,” said Kyu Hwang, senior product designer at Transfix. “Shippers want to be able to log on and see in their own carrier network whether a shipment is running late or a tender went out without a carrier response, so they need to look for coverage again. By giving priority and visibility to exceptions, the shipper is directly alerted to the need to work on a resolution.”


Shipper App Home Setup Guide


Historical shipment data = future recommendations and strategy 

“Even after the shipments are executed, it’s important to be able to look back historically and analyze what went right and where we want to go forward,” said Savar Sareen, product lead at Transfix.  

The Transfix Shipper App provides shippers with historical data, but can also offer intelligence and recommendations on that data to help shippers make decisions going forward, whether for an exception or planning for future strategy. In fact, the Transfix Shipper App has a dedicated page just for analytics, data visualizations, and reporting. 

Recently, Transfix introduced Facility Insights into the Shipper App, which allows the shipper to manage the performance trends of each facility. They’ll get visibility into on-time pickup/delivery, average load and unload times, and payable accessorials, for example. Shippers are able to single out the performance of one facility or look at aggregate data from all facilities. 

“These insights may motivate shippers to set new KPI’s to lower average load or unload times at a given facility,” Hwang said. “If on-time pick up or delivery numbers are low, it may be a sign that accessibility to the facility warehouse needs improvement.”


Shipper App Facility Insights


DIY Reporting with Raw Shipment Data 

Because our shipper community’s needs are diverse, the Transfix Shipper App was designed to give users the ability to download and analyze their raw shipment data. 

“Some shippers are curious about aspects of reporting that others might not be interested in,” said Hwang. “By creating a self-service download function, shippers can freely play with the data, rather than relying on a tech team to provide reports for them.”


Shipper App TTR+


Manage pricing and procurement in real time

If you’re looking for a flexible freight pricing option that can be trusted in volatile markets and lanes, Transfix’s brokerage arm has just launched Transfix TrueRate+, which guarantees capacity for shippers. Shippers that leverage this dynamic pricing tool get transparency into market rates and actual costs through the Transfix Shipper App, as well as savings from the profit/risk sharing model of Transfix TrueRate+. 

“What makes our solution different is that TTR+ truly does align Transfix’s incentives with those of the shipper,” said Nina Cheng, Pricing and Growth Strategy Manager at Transfix. “For every single load we price, the shipper can see the price we procured at through our Transfix Shipper App and why we are charging what we’re charging.”


Shipper App Data Download


To speak with an expert about Transfix TrueRate+, click here. If you’re interested in learning more about the latest enhancements of the Transfix Shipper App, reach out to sales@transfix.io

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