7 Books that Shaped the Minds of Transfix in 2023

It makes sense that the logistics industry attracts smart folks, since the supply chain touches just about every household object and topic, from economics to sustainability, trade, technology, public health, and law. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Transfix team is chock full of readers. 

Books make perfect gifts for the logistics professionals in your life (or even for those curious about the logistics industry), so for this year’s holiday season, we’re featuring seven books – in no particular order –  that come highly recommended across the Transfix team. 


A favorite from the Pricing & Growth Strategy team's bookclub this year. One leader said: “This book drives home how important it is that every individual, team, and organization needs to establish a clear ‘why’ or the core purpose and belief that drives what they do every day.” 



One of our VPs called this book: “A trucker’s eye view of America that helped me empathize with the carrier side of this industry – how essential truckers are to our economy and livelihoods.” 



Our product marketer called this "the best book [he] read in grad school! It goes so much further than blockchain and provides creative use cases for IoT sensors and perspectives on implementation.” 



A top account executive said: “This book sheds light on the importance of listening and thinking before you speak, as well as using the skills of mirroring and labeling in negotiation.”



An account operations specialist said this book helped him with "organization and leadership skills, even for people not in a traditional leadership role.” 



Several team members read this international bestseller, and one shared: “Atomic habits helped me break bad habits while building healthy habits through small steps. I also found his ‘habit stacking’ approach useful in my day to day.”



This book comes highly recommends for all professionals: “It’s difficult to truly listen in such a noisy and distracted world. This book reinforces that good listening in a professional environment builds stronger relationships.”


Whether you’re looking to shake up your morning routine, listen more intentionally during team meetings, or wrap your mind around the latest advancements in blockchain, there’s a book for you here. 

If we haven’t said it before now – hope you and yours have a restful holiday season! 


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