Our Carrier App Has a New Look and So Much More

At Transfix, the carrier experience is always top of mind. Recently, the Carrier App team has been hard at work on new updates across our web and mobile apps that we think our carriers will love. Our latest update brings a fresh look to the homepage and new features designed to make dispatch and load management more efficient.

Homepage Revamp: Your Gateway to a More Efficient Trucking Operation

The centerpiece of our recent updates is the Homepage Revamp, which displays all critical information and actions. Here's what users will find on the new homepage:

  • Loads Offered to You & Loads Need Attention: Carriers will receive alerts on offered loads and required document submissions to help them stay up-to-date and compliant. The homepage now prioritizes all time-sensitive tasks helping carriers keep their trucks full and their business running.
  • Suggested Loads & Lane Search: We've made it easier than ever for carriers to find their most desirable lanes based on carrier preferences, saved lanes, and historical business with Transfix. We’ve also simplified the load-finding process with a search bar in the Mobile App and shortcut on the Web to save carriers time.
Transfix Carrier App's New HomepageOther Carrier App Updates:

Along with Homepage updates, the Carrier App has also released other features aimed at lightening the loads of your dispatchers and drivers. 

Instant Access to Lumper Payments: To further improve the carrier experience, we've introduced a self-serve lumper request capability. With this feature, carriers can:
    • Request Lumper Payment Codes: When running a shipment, carriers can easily request payment codes for lumpers, reducing the traditional hassles involved with receiving and waiting for codes, supporting the timely unloading of a shipment.
    • Request Reimbursements: The Carrier App now features a streamlined process for submitting lumper expense documentation to help support a more efficient and prompt reimbursement for carriers that pay out of pocket.
    • Easy Upload of Digital Card Receipts: Carriers can upload digital card receipts directly through the Carrier App using their smartphone camera.
Enhanced Tracking: Load tracking and communications have never been easier — no matter where carriers are or which device they’re using, carriers can enjoy a user-friendly tracking experience. Included in our enhanced tracking updates are:
  • Better Visibility: Carriers will now receive notifications if tracking lapses on a load. This more proactive methodology helps carriers address tracking issues promptly and better estimate drivers’ ETA to improve overall efficiency.
  • ETA Confirmation: If we see a driver is running on-time to pick up (through tracking data), we’ll proactively prompt them to confirm their ETA as on-time for arrival. In doing so, on-time drivers will no longer have to manually navigate to and submit their ETA through the form.

Transfix is committed to providing the best tools and features to support carrier operations. These updates reflect our ongoing dedication to making carriers’ day-to-day tasks easier and more efficient. The Carrier App is ready to be your trusted partner in the competitive landscape of freight logistics. To explore these new features and experience the revamped homepage, please visit apps.transfix.io/fms or download our mobile app, here. Or, if you’re not already a Transfix carrier, sign-up here.