Combating Fraud & More: Q1 Ushers in Round of Partner-Led Product Innovations

Our product team has been incredibly productive in the first quarter of 2024.  We leveraged our close relationships with both carriers and shippers to develop these solution innovations designed to protect shipments safety and improve functionality, ease of use, and self-service across the entire Transfix network. 

We forged new partnerships, added new features to recently launched programs, and launched entirely new products to combat fraud across the trucking industry. 

Check out all our newest innovations below! 

Transfix Shield 


In Q1, we announced the launch of Transfix Shield, a proprietary suite of fraud-prevention tools designed for shippers, carriers, and brokers. At launch the offerings include RateCon Shield and Facility Shield, both designed to help mitigate fraud at different points of the freight journey.

  • RateCon Shield is a patent-pending fraud mitigation solution designed specifically for freight brokerages. By automating the addition of unique QR codes to rate confirmation documents, RateCon Shield empowers brokers to uphold their business reputation, mitigate fraud risks, and allow carriers to verify the true identity of the broker tendering the load.
  • Facility Shield is an anti-theft solution designed for warehouse, DCs, and other industrial facilities. Facility Shield uses QR codes to authenticate drivers picking up at facilities, verifying their assignment to a given load. With Facility Shield, warehouse managers gain the power to protect their operations.

New Features Inside Shipper App 

  • LTL Launch with Rocket Shipping

    Our Shipper App now allows customers to book less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments with a  seamless integration with Rocket Shipping. This offering, in addition to the platform’s Intermodal and FTL solutions — enhances the product to be a true multi-modal, source-to-settle TMS. This collaboration combines Rocket Shipping's expertise in LTL with our decade of experience in full truckload, bringing efficiency and effectiveness to the freight operations of small and midsized shippers that we believe have been underserved.

Lane Notes (1)

  • RFP Manager Lane Notes

    This new feature in RFP Manager allows shippers to improve communication with carriers and streamline the bidding process during the Request for Proposal (RFP) or mini-bid process. These notes are visible to carriers when bidding, enabling shippers to provide additional details or instructions that might impact the bid. This enhancement was requested by shippers using the app to share more context with carriers at the lane level.
  • Tracking Updates

    Our latest tracking updates provide enhanced visibility and control for Transportation Coordinators. Notifications are now sent when there is no tracking by the pickup appointment time, and the idle tracking time period has been extended from 30 minutes to four hours. Transportation Coordinators will also receive notifications when the estimated time of arrival (ETA) becomes available or changes. Additionally, a new daily summary email helps Transportation Coordinators manage shipments that need pickup arrival status, delivery arrival status, or the required truck number. For carriers, clear calls to action are provided to turn on tracking when required, improving tracking accuracy and shipper satisfaction.
  • Deactivate Carriers

    Interested in deactivating a carrier without removing them from your network? You can do so in the Shipper App! This new function allows users to deactivate carriers while retaining historical data, making it easier to manage carrier relationships and reactivate carriers in the future if needed.
  • Added Shipment Editability

    Our latest release extends Admins' editing capabilities, to manage shipments and record data throughout the shipment lifecycle. Admins can now edit shipment details throughout the shipment lifecycle, ensuring accurate records without disrupting the Freight Audit and Settlement process. Additionally, if a shipment is with the shipper's private carrier fleet, it can be transitioned to completed status since payment and audit are not applicable, streamlining the process for private fleet shipments.

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New Features Inside Carrier App 

The carrier experience was at the forefront of these updates, and the Transfix team gathered insights from several carriers to design and test the updates according to their needs. The latest Carrier App iterations offer carriers a more streamlined and intuitive experience when managing their business. 

  • Streamlined Onboarding Flow

    Signing up for Carrier App is easier and faster than ever before! Users will now experience an enhanced onboarding journey when signing up. Carriers signing up can expect a quicker review, as long as details are entered accurately and the user is authorized to sign up on behalf of that carrier. A quicker activation translates to reduced downtime, which is often a top concern for carriers. 

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  • My Loads & Load Details Experience

    Transfix carriers can now enjoy a refreshed experience on the Carrier App when looking at the “My Loads” and “Load Details” pages, with more intelligent alerts to flag necessary carrier action.
    • On the “My Loads” page, carriers will gain clearer visibility into loads requiring action including tracking, driver assignments, and POD uploads. The page has also been updated to provide more load details upfront, giving dispatchers the ability to better manage their business from a single dashboard.
    • On the “Load Details” page, carriers will see their most critical load details displayed with a clearer and more user friendly experience. With the improved layout, carriers can scroll less to get the details they want. They’ll also experience greater visibility into where their drivers are and tracking statuses, send timely nudges for ETAs, and more!

To explore these new features, please checkout Carrier App on the web or download our mobile app, here. Or, if you’re not already a Transfix carrier, sign-up here.