Transfix Celebrates Truck Drivers at Molson Coors Facility, Partners with Health in Transportation

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a favorite holiday here at Transfix. While this week is dedicated to celebrating the people who keep our nation running, the appreciation runs year-long. Truck drivers are known for their incredible resilience, strength, and dedication to their job. Their work ethic is unmatched and without them, simply put, life as we know it would not exist. A major thank you to the truck drivers across the nation. 

This year, the Transfix team shared the love with truck drivers in three different ways, all in an effort to promote their well-being – not just this week, but through ongoing partnerships. 

Health in Transportation Partnership

Transfix recently announced a partnership with Health in Transportation, an organization dedicated to promoting driver health and well-being. This collaboration aims to enhance driver wellness and safety on the road, making it a significant step forward in recognizing the holistic needs of truck drivers. The partnership is just one of the initiatives that came out of a Transfix survey  where 78% of truckers responding felt there were not enough healthy food options and 46% lacked the time and equipment to exercise while on the road. 

Health in Transportation provides truck drivers nationwide with access to a range of health and medical services, including their innovative CDL Health Scanner, health coaching, and disease management programs. As part of this partnership, Transfix is offering complimentary access to CDL Health Scanners to carriers within its network. These state-of-the-art scanners employ patented Transdermal Optical Imaging technology to scan a driver's face and record vital health metrics, including blood pressure, heart rate, BMI, and respiratory rate. Additionally, new driver orientations will now include health and wellness consultations, to equip drivers with the knowledge and tools to prioritize their health on the road.

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Molson Coors Driver Appreciation Event

This year, several members of the Transfix team, pictured below, partnered with Molson Coors in Albany, Georgia, to serve meals to approximately 175 drivers and warehouse employees . Beyond delicious meals, Transfix and Molson Coors also handed out swag to drivers, creating a festive and appreciative atmosphere.

Comfort-in-a-Box Giveaways

Transfix understands that sometimes a small gesture can go a long way in expressing gratitude. To show appreciation for the dedication and hard work of truck drivers, the company has launched the Comfort-in-a-Box Gift Sets initiative. These gift sets include essential items that provide comfort and practicality for drivers on the road, such as: 


  • Hand warmers
  • Compression gloves
  • Emergency flashlight tool
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Canvas dopp kit
  • Utensil set

Nominate a carrier to receive these thoughtful gift sets and say "Thank You" in a tangible way, recognizing the daily challenges truck drivers face (while supplies last).

While National Truck Driver Awareness Week is a valuable reminder to recognize the contributions of truck drivers, it's crucial to remember that their dedication and hard work deserve ongoing support and appreciation. 

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