What Visibility Means for Carriers Down the Road

Between technology, the dramatic uptick in e-commerce, and the innovation we’ve seen throughout the supply chain, visibility and tracking are more important than ever before. In fact, they’re a requirement. With the introduction of the ELD mandate, Transfix is committed to ensuring the most accurate tracking possible and we value your partnership in this effort.  

The more information we provide to shippers about the exact whereabouts of their goods, the better the outcome at every step of the delivery process. 

Our visibility platform provides many benefits for our carrier partners, including: 

  • Faster detention approval: 63% of drivers are detained for more than three hours per stop. With Transfix tracking, you can request the most accurate detention pay, resulting in faster payment.
  • Additional, high-priority lanes: When you are properly tracking, we automatically know when and where you are eligible for more, better business on a more consistent level.
  • Fewer check calls and emails to check: When you automatically track, you negate the need for shippers to repeatedly call and email, freeing you to concentrate on safe driving.

From dispatch through delivery, Transfix requires every driver in our network to use tracking. We provide two quick and easy options for full tracking transparency: 

  1. ELD tracking (recommended): With project44, we allow carriers to follow the ELD rule by having a compliant device in all their trucks. project44 is the world’s leading Advanced Visibility Platform™ for shippers and logistics providers, and through our partnership, we help carriers meet the ELD mandate and their Transfix tracking requirements.
  2. Transfix app (mobile download): Our app’s automatic load updates streamline communications and sharing, directly through the Transfix FMS. This mobile option communicates location and ETA information when you have an active load and automatically stops tracking when you are done with your trip. It’s available for both Apple iOS and Google Android.


For the best partnership, visibility is a two-way street. Thank you for partnering with us and being the best carriers in the business. We know that satisfied shippers stick with their high-quality carriers, and we could not be more committed to our partnership and your future growth together.

To read FAQs on Transfix’s carrier program, please click here. For assistance with tracking, please contact us at 929-293-0360 or carriersuccess@transfix.io.