Tawana Randall: Paving the Way for Dispatching Excellence at Clayton State University

Setting the Stage for Success

Tawana Randall is no stranger to success. As a seasoned entrepreneur, her expertise in the logistics industry has been invaluable. She's not only the driving force behind Gold Star Logistics Group, LLC, but also a dedicated adjunct professor of the first college-accredited dispatching course at Clayton State University – with plans to expand in other colleges later in the year. Her commitment to education and her field has been nothing short of inspiring. In fact, her dispatching class at the university is the first of its kind in the nation, offering students a chance to gain accredited knowledge in a discipline that's critical to the smooth functioning of the transportation sector. 

A Glimpse into the Students' Journeys

Transfix had the honor of sponsoring three students who were looking to make a change in their careers, shifting gears into the world of dispatching. Latrell James, who is nearing retirement, sought to supplement his income through dispatching. He realized that the key to success in this business lies in a strong desire to learn and grow. Latrell's enthusiasm to partner with a company to gain hands-on experience before venturing into his own operations highlights the practicality that Tawana's course instills.

For Todd Odham, the dream of starting his own business, fueled by his CDL experience since 2004, became a reality with Tawana's course. Learning the art of negotiation with brokers was a game-changer for Todd. What he looks forward to the most is using his newfound skills to assist drivers – a testament to the potential positive impact of quality dispatching.

Adryana Lopez's journey into dispatching was a gradual one, beginning with helping her stepfather in office work and eventually embracing the world of dispatching. For her, the course clarified that dispatching becomes easy when you're familiar with the processes. Armed with knowledge and guidance, Adryana is excited to explore the horizons that her new skills can unlock.

Reviews that Speak Volumes

The impact of Tawana's course is best reflected in the words of her students:

  • Latrell James: "Ms. Tawana is very knowledgeable of the business. She gives her expertise but most importantly, it’s supported with scenarios and real-life experiences. When she discusses a situation, website, or load board, she takes you there. This is especially great for participants such as myself who came into this course with absolutely NO knowledge of dispatching. I still have more to learn, but I have a clear understanding of what a dispatcher is and does from day to day."
  • Todd Odham: "She was great. A real asset and full of knowledge. Very helpful."
  • Adryana Lopez: "Loved every class we had because Tawana did an amazing job explaining and giving real-life examples of everything she was teaching."

These testimonials underscore the transformation that Tawana's course has brought to the lives of her students. It's not just about gaining theoretical knowledge; it's about equipping them with practical skills that can shape their careers and impact the industry as a whole.

Tawana’s recent accomplishment in completing the dispatcher course at Clayton State University is a testament to her dedication to education and her industry. Her students' diverse stories and perspectives highlight the value of her teachings and the positive impact they are set to make in the logistics world. As Tawana continues to pave the way for dispatching excellence, the industry can rest assured that the future of logistics education is in capable hands.