Transfix's AI-powered suite of software and data solutions will save you time and money, and increase the profitability of every load. 

Built for the Complexity of Full Truckload Freight and Designed to Make it Easy.

Shipper App is a next-generation transportation management solution that makes Transportation professionals look like superheroes. 

  • Source contract rates in days and save hours with spot automation
  • Ditch the emails with automated tendering and shipment lifecycle visibility
  • Track loads through real-time intelligence and exception management 
  • Pay carriers on-time with freight audit and settlement 
  • Make data-driven decisions with real-time insights (e.g. carrier scorecard, facility performance, carbon emissions, and more). All in one tool.
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Cost Predictions

Leverage historical buying performance to inform probable outcomes when contracting freight.

Predictive Models
Our data science expertise can drive multi-stage impact including significant time savings during the pricing stage, and increased profitability across the entire freight lifecycle.



Instantly price contract & spot freight with proprietary pricing algorithms; connect directly into shippers’ TMS with autobidders.

Spot Pricing
Built for agility and speed, our spot pricing tools are designed to help customers be able to acquire over 90% of their spot shipments without human intervention, and can help drive an increased win rate of up to 0.5%.

Contract Pricing
Our advanced data science models maximize the ability to quote and win freight at scale, enabling  a single user to analyze and quote up to an average of one million lanes annually. 



Automate acceptance and rejection of freight based on predefined rules aligned to customer KPI standards.

Automated Shipment Acceptance
By building out decision trees to match their ideal conditions, users have the potential to automatically accept or reject 70% of their shipments.



Use predictive scheduling to communicate with shipper systems to select the highest quality appointments.

Automation & Intelligent Appointments
Our intelligent appointment scheduling, which can automate more than one-third of stops, lowers operational overhead.



Automate load coverage using a waterfall selection process and coach brokers to identify the best option and collaborate internally in real time.

Routing Guide 
Our intelligent waterfall system matches high-volume lanes to reliable carriers, optimizing service quality and margin potential.

Rate Coach
Pricing targets and at-a-glance market insights are available to brokers in real time, driving margin maximizing decisions in a fast and consistent manner.



Transition shipment ownership seamlessly with GenAI powered load summaries and fight fraud with load verification.

GenAI Shipment Summary
Transition shipment ownership seamlessly with GenAI powered load summaries.

RateCon Shield
Anti-fraud authentication tool that verifies loads are legitimate for carriers.

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