4 Reasons Shippers Are Partnering With Transfix During COVID-19

In these unprecedented times the domestic supply chain, much like every other market, is grappling with the new reality brought on by the novel coronavirus. As the freight market wades into uncharted territory, logisticians are isolated at home trying to manage their freight. Shippers, now more than ever, are turning to Transfix to ensure the timely movement of their goods.


Here are four reasons why shippers are partnering with Transfix:


The freight market is in the midst of unprecedented volatility. Shippers and carriers have experienced wild swings in both demand and rates this spring, and the future remains uncertain. The closing of carriers and brokers before and during the crisis will undoubtedly pose a challenge to shippers looking for capacity in the coming months.


Transfix uses smart freight matching technologies to pair shippers with vetted carriers across a nationwide network. Transfix considers each carrier’s lane preferences and performance to make sure your freight moves safely and on-time. We built our proprietary technology to operate in turbulent times, and we stand by our promise of guaranteed capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In March, when freight volumes rose by 62% week-over-week for one of our largest CPG shippers, Transfix was able to handle all of their capacity needs. Volume spikes across the industry were a stress test for our system and we’re proud to say that we delivered for our customers then and will do so moving forward regardless of market conditions.


Different sectors have different needs at this time, but ultimately ease of use is a top priority across the board. Stressed industries moving essential goods need to expand their carrier base to meet demand, and non-stressed industries still need to source reliable carriers.


We integrate into your existing workflow or TMS, and through these integrations, we offer fair market prices instantaneously and at scale. For example, through our technology, we delivered one million quotes in a month’s time to one of the nation’s largest beverage companies.


We’re able to get started quickly as EDI integrations usually take less than two weeks.

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Data is always important, but access to actionable insights that save time and money just means more right now. Our technology suite gives us access to information that traditional brokerages cannot access. Transfix provides our shippers with data to lower accessorial spend and decrease dwell time.


Crowded facilities and closed rest stops have interrupted the usual rhythm of freight. Pennsylvania alone closed 30 rest stops in response to Coronavirus, before reversing course. Shippers need visibility into their shipments to make sure loads remain on track, and expert troubleshooting from our knowledgeable account managers when there are problems out on the road.


By blending technology with operational expertise and exceptional service, Transfix ensures OTP and OTD. Keeping the supply chain running smoothly has never been more important, with the essential and in some cases, life-saving supplies making their way across the country. Collectively our account managers have seen it all out on the road, and know exactly how to intervene when an exception occurs. In the first week of April, we were able to ensure the shipment of plastic intended for manufacture into medical-grade tubing was delivered on time. This is truly a time for partners to work together.


We’ve been at the forefront of real-time tracking technology for years and put an emphasis on reliably providing accurate location services to all of our clients. You can easily track pick up and drop off from the Transfix Terminal platform day or night. Proactive shipment management is why our OTP/OTD is 98%.


For shippers unfamiliar with the digital freight landscape, now is a good time to explore the future of freight.