The Transfix Carrier Mobile App Launches New Features for Truck Driver Ease

The reviews are in! Carriers, dispatchers, and owner operators are loving the revamped Transfix Carrier Mobile App. Since its relaunch, our goal was to make it even easier for carriers to keep their trucks loaded and running on their desired lanes by delivering improved booking, bidding, and load management tools to the mobile device.

Highly rated by your peers on both the Apple and Google Play stores, our team continues to work tirelessly on new features that make the booking experience painless from start to finish.

And since taking your feedback, here’s a snapshot of all the new features available to you on the app today.

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  • Sign up: Users can now sign up and onboard their carrier directly from the app. Previously, dispatchers and owner operators would need to access the Mobile App via web to do this.
  • Edit Assignment Information: After successfully booking a load, dispatchers and owner operators can now edit load assignment information including the assigned Dispatcher, Driver, Truck and Trailer should there be any changes.
  • Load Recommendations: We’re now sending push notifications so you don’t miss out on great freight, including any new load offers available for you to accept. You can also view any loads you might have missed.
  • Add New Trucks & Trailers: Dispatchers and Owner Ops can now create new Trucks and Trailers from the load details page.
  • Add New Dispatchers & Drivers: Carrier Admins can now create new dispatchers and drivers under their carrier and add them to load assignments.
  • Carrier Management: Drivers can now remove carriers they no longer work with rather than having to call in or reach out to their past carrier admin.
  • Instant Bid Responses: Get instant feedback on bids and receive counter offers immediately in app so you don’t have to wait for offer responses and you can keep your trucks filled.
  • Detention: All users can now request detention via our mobile app.

Lastly, all users can now share app feedback and feature suggestions using the ‘Profile’ tab under the ‘Give Feedback’ section. Want a feature that’s not currently available or have an idea to improve the booking experience? Let our team know.

Over the next couple of months, our team will continue to release new and exciting features you can benefit from. Check back on our site for more information as they launch. If you’d like to download our highly-rated Transfix Carrier Mobile App, click here.

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