Move with the Market: The Future of Freight Pricing is Dynamic [FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD]

The RFP process and spot freight aren’t going anywhere, but the last few years have confirmed that these predominant pricing options leave noticeable gaps in service and negotiating power for shippers. Shippers who require dependable carrier relationships with high service levels often come up short when relying on the spot market for primary coverage. And while contract freight may promise higher service levels, sudden market shifts require frequent repricing, which is often an expensive and time-consuming operational lift. 

Last year, Transfix launched Transfix TrueRate+, a fresh approach to transportation pricing, offering shippers a modern option beyond contract and spot – one in which the broker shares in both risks and benefits and ensures capacity and market competitive pricing – even in times of volatility. This ebook offers a deep-dive into the history of traditional pricing, and how the combined effects of technology and global instability demand a more flexible and transparent pricing alternative. 

Transfix TrueRate+ – our modern evolution of cost-plus – offers the following benefits to shippers:

  1. Share in the Ups and Downs: When Transfix procures below an estimated rate, shippers get a higher percentage of the savings. When we procure above an estimated rate, we’ll absorb a higher percentage of the costs, so you don’t have to.
  2. Savings of upwards of 10% on average freight costs
  3. Full transparency on rates and service fees via the easy-to-use Transfix Shipper App. 
  4. 100% tender acceptance and pricing you can plan for – even in times of volatility.

To read more, including which lanes and shippers would benefit from Transfix TrueRate+, download the ebook below. 

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