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Our story

With his deep understanding of logistics, it’s no surprise Drew McElroy was raised in a trucking family; as a boy, his parents named Andrew’s Express, their trucking company, as a tribute to him. Years later, after a successful term as president of his family’s 3PL, Drew set out on his own to improve the logistics industry and bring it into the 21st century.

In 2013, Drew met Jonathan Salama, one of Gilt Groupe’s first employees. Jonathan quickly rose through Gilt’s ranks as an expert software engineer, helping to build the original infrastructure behind the world-renowned flash-sale site.

Shortly after, Drew and Jonathan officially joined forces and launched Transfix. And now, they’re driving the logistics industry forward with their game-changing approach to freight management.

Our mission.

Believe it or not, the freight industry is a multi-billion-dollar market that still relies on pen, paper, and fax machines. At Transfix, we know there’s a better, smarter way to operate. It’s why we’re proud to create tech-based tools that promote visibility, productivity, and trust.

We aim to make logistics effortless, fair, and efficient through the use of market-leading technology.

Our core values.

Our Leadership.

Drew McElroy
CEO and Co-founder

Drew served as president of Priority Distribution Inc. (PDI), an end-to-end 3PL; during his seven-year tenure, he more than tripled the company’s annual revenues. He has also acted as president at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

A recognized expert in logistics, Drew speaks regularly on trends impacting the supply chain industry and serves as a class instructor for 1-95 Freight Academy.

Jonathan Salama
CTO and Co-founder

Jonathan led engineering at Cherry, an on-demand marketplace startup acquired by ride-share giant Lyft, where he built Cherry’s mobile app, inventory software and automated payment processing system.

Prior to Cherry, Jonathan led the business operations engineering team at Gilt Groupe. There, he developed the company’s infrastructure from the ground up, playing key roles in creating Gilt’s proprietary inventory management system, enterprise resource planning software and purchase order system.

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