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RFPs are as easy as
1-2-3 with RFP Manager.

RFPs are as easy as
1-2-3 with RFP Manager.


Say Goodbye to 
Spreadsheet Chaos

Craft, customize, and launch your RFPs in mere minutes. No more juggling between tabs, emails, and phone calls — everything you need is right here.

One-Stop Bid Analysis 
& Selection

Quickly analyze carrier bids, evaluate service metrics, and make award decisions—all from a single, intuitive dashboard.

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Seamless Transition 
to Execution

Turn your RFP decisions into actionable steps instantly. With the Transfix Shipper App, your routing guide is auto-populated, and all your RFP data is centralized for easy access.


The tool is very easy to use. This will save me a lot of time when generating RFPs."

Transportation Manager

Plastic Ingenuity

It’s awesome that we can give carriers estimated volumes that vary lane by lane within a given RFP. We aren’t able to do that today.”

Transportation Manager
Plastic Ingenuity


I like that you have carrier metrics here; tender acceptance, bounce rate, and OTP/OTD. These are things that we don’t have in the Emerge RFP tool.”

Transportation Manager
Current Emerge Customer

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See Our Procurement Guide
to Learn RFP Best Practices & Workflows

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I get access to RFP Manager?

If you are a Transfix customer, reach out to your Transfix support team and they will help you get set up. If you are not a customer, you can get started right now by clicking here, or you can speak to a Transfix team member by scheduling a demo below.

Additionally, since RFP Manager is a new feature within the Transfix Shipper App experience, all RFP Manager users will also have access to the intelligent freight solutions our app offers.

Q2. Is RFP Manager free to use?

Yes, we are pleased to deliver RFP Manager as a free freight procurement tool within the Transfix Shipper App suite of solutions.

Q3. Will Transfix bid on my RFP?

Transfix will be able to submit competitive bids on all RFPs or mini-bid exercises conducted through RFP Manager. For shippers this means one less carrier to contact. Shippers, as always, will be able to select where their lanes or loads are awarded and tendered.

Q4. How will Transfix use my data? Is it shared?

Transfix values data privacy highly and has built RFP Manager with this in mind, with a distinct separation between our brokerage services and our software solutions. The Transfix brokerage, like all other bidders, will only receive that information which the shipper approves and will not have access to bid data from other carriers. In addition, you can review our comprehensive privacy policy to learn more about how we work to protect our customers’ data.

Q5. How will carriers respond to bids?

RFP Manager makes it easy and seamless for carriers and brokers to view and respond to RFPs and mini-bids. Upon invitation by shippers, carriers will get access to your RFP bidding portal via email. Carriers can then submit their bids on your RFP or mini-bid directly through the bidding portal, within RFP Manager, without setting up a user account.

Q6. What support can I get with the software?

Like other features of the Transfix Shipper App, the Transfix team is available to assist you every step of the way: from onboarding to shipment execution. The Transfix Product Support team will assist shippers with any technical issues they may encounter.

Q7. What is the Transfix Shipper App?

Transfix Shipper App is a cloud-based freight execution and procurement software that helps shippers centralize and manage their entire domestic truckload freight network. It provides visibility and self-serve control over not only their Transfix shipments, but also all shipments with other carriers, in one easy to use interface. Learn more here.

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Due to market instability, RFP processes are being reevaluated. Shippers are now seeking shorter contracts, dynamic pricing options, and flexible procurement software to support them and their carriers in all markets.

We explore why—and even more importantly—how you can make your RFP process smoother, faster, smarter, and simpler. 

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With the Transfix Intelligent Freight PlatformTM, transportation teams access proprietary market insights, software they’ll love to use, and strategic capacity through our nationwide network of vetted carriers to help orchestrate a well-oiled and impactful logistics operation.