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Featured Customers

Charles Chambers

Director of North American Logistics, Floor & Decor

“Transfix is a broker that utilizes small to midsize carriers to operate as an asset carrier. Using this strategy and their network of carriers, we are able to partner with them on one-way movements, which help drive cost efficiencies and reductions in empty miles across our supply chain.”



Jill Donoghue

Vice President of Supply Chain, Bumble Bee Seafoods

“Transfix is a partner that feels like an extension of our own team. From planning to procurement to execution, they are with us every step of the way. In today’s market, service is our top priority and Transfix delivers on their promise to move our freight on time and in full.”


More From Our Customers

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“We’re very impressed with the savings from Shipper App. I’m hoping to keep delivering that by adding diversity in my carriers, having a bunch of people here who can help us move stuff, and then using Shipper App to eliminate some of that time. It’s a lot of time, so it’s nice to have partners like Transfix and a system that can save us on multiple fronts.”

- Transportation Manager, Honey Baked Ham

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“Transfix has found a unique way to add value in our drop-heavy network. Independent trailer pools that utilized one-off power units were not reliable. As markets tightened, service dropped. On the other hand, Transfix’s carriers faithfully show up and deliver.”

- Transportation Manager, Wayfair 

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"Before we had Transfix Shipper App, it was really hard for me to keep track of what I had going on in my network day-to-day. Now, it's clear what is moving and what is not. Transfix Shipper App has been huge for visibility into what's going on with our shipments.

- Transportation Manager, Floyd

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“Transfix has earned our trust by handling whatever we’ve thrown at them — accepting our loads, and flexing up capacity when needed. Through Transfix we’re also able to work with the same quality carriers on most of our shipments. That carrier continuity has led to better on-time deliveries thanks to their familiarity with our processes and facilities. When scaling a business, you need a partner like Transfix.

- Director of Logistics, Greif

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“With Transfix, setting up the integration has been very seamless. They understand how our business operates."

- Logistics Network & Ops Manager, CNG

Customers & Brands Featured on the
Transfix Take On Podcast


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Transfix Take On: A Smart(er) Supply Chain

With Wendy Herrick, (Head of Customer Operations NA - Supply Chain) at Unilever


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Transfix Take On: Women Leading the "Chain at Henkel"

With Jessy Ceron, (Outbound Transportation Manager), Maryann Ramirez (Customer Logistics Manager), and Emily Aktar (Senior Customer Logistics Analyst) at Henkel

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Transfix Take On: State of Freight

With Alex Gallardo, (Logistics Lead of Freight & Land Transportation) at Chevron


Case Studies

Case study -Wayfair
Transfix Furnishes Floyd with Tracking & Automation with Shipper App
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GRD Trucking & Transfix — Driving Growth and Diversity
Capacity & Diversity
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Transfix Serves Up Software Solutions to Honey Baked Ham
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Top Paper Exporter Tenders Loads 7x Faster Via Transfix API Integration
Technology & People
Case study -Wayfair-2
Wayfair Turns to Transfix for Innovative Drop Solution
Capacity & Service
Case study -Floor & Decor
Floor & Decor Eliminates 2K+ Stops with OTR Freight Strategy
Service & Sustainability

Customer Events

See how our on the ground relationships with Shippers drive the supply chain