How Transfix Ensures the Highest Quality Carrier Network for Shippers

When you work with a broker, it can be difficult to assess the quality of their network of carriers. Working with subpar carriers can increase the risk of missed deliveries, low tender acceptance rates, and inadequate protection for high value goods. All these risks can result in lost dollars, poor brand reputation, and hours of headache trying to find a new carrier to haul your freight when your main carrier falls off. 

Transfix has focused on building a reliable carrier base that you can trust. Our network of reliable carriers who have an average OTD of 98%+ and over 99.9% of our freight moves claims free. We are able to maintain our best-in-class network through our industry leading approach:

  1. Rigorous compliance standards ensure only the best carriers are in our network 
  2. Use of Carrier Scorecards to incentivize high performance  
  3. Partnering with the best of the best through our Core Carrier program


1. Rigorous Compliance Standards Ensure Only the Best Carriers Are in Our Network

At Transfix, our carriers go through a set of rigorous compliance standards before they can haul for us. We monitor these compliance requirements, such as FMCSA status and safety rating, on an ongoing basis, and we remove carriers from our network if they fail to meet our performance standards. 

Carrier Compliance


2. Carrier Scorecard Incentivizes High Performance 

Once a carrier starts hauling loads for us, we keep track of their performance through our Carrier Scorecard. Through the Carrier Scorecard, we monitor carriers’ OTP/OTD, cancellation, and tracking rates on an ongoing basis. We use these metrics to come up with an overall score for carriers to provide them a high level view of their performance and how they compare to other carriers in our network. 

The Carrier Scorecard helps Transfix actively manage and reward exceptional carriers with more freight; they can even become a dedicated carrier on shippers’ lanes through our Core Carrier Program. It also allows us to quickly identify low performers. Once a carrier’s score drops below a certain threshold, we disqualify them from future freight and remove them from our carrier network if they don’t improve their performance. By incentivizing and quantifying exceptional performance for our carrier base, we create a win-win situation for both carriers and shippers. 

Carrier Scorecard

3. Partnering with the best of the best through our Core Carrier program

Carriers in our Core Carrier Program are exceptional carriers who meet requirements such as high on-time pickup (OTP) and on-time delivery (OTD), high load volume and acceptance rates, and low fall-off rate.

For shippers, we are able to match our best in-class carriers with their network to drive repeat carrier coverage and higher on-time performance. Through consistent coverage of a shipper’s lane, carriers are able to familiarize themselves with processes and facilities, leading to better service levels. Transfix’s Core Carrier Program creates the reliability of an asset provider with the flexibility of a brokerage.