How Transfix Partners with Carriers to Grow Their Business

Small and mid-sized carriers tell us it can be difficult to access dedicated live and drop freight from top-tier shippers. If you’re a carrier in our network who demonstrates strong performance, we’re here to help you grow your business. 

We partner with our carriers in three ways to help you access more freight:

  1. Carrier Scorecards help you track and improve performance
  2. A dedicated account manager provides 24/7 support
  3. Our Core Carrier Program rewards you with more freight


Carrier Scorecards Help You Track and Improve Your Performance

Carrier Scorecards give you a high-level view of your performance so you can track how you’re doing. We monitor your OTP/OTD, cancellation, and tracking rates on an ongoing basis to come up with an overall score to see where you’re doing well and what areas can be improved. For those carriers who consistently haul with Transfix, account managers will partner with you to understand your capabilities and challenges (we understand unexpected issues can happen), and create a plan to help you boost your score to earn more dedicated freight for your business. 

“We appreciate getting the Carrier Scorecard stats. It gives us a little perspective for how well we’re doing and where we can still grow. I look forward to getting more scorecards to see how we can improve after moving our next 500 loads!” – Best Solution Express Inc. Through working with their account manager and knowing exactly what areas they had to work on, Best Solution Express Inc was able to improve their score and get matched with more freight. 

Carrier Scorecard


Dedicated Account Manager Provides 24/7 Support

Carriers who start to haul with Transfix on a regular basis are assigned a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will be your dedicated point of contact and trusted advisor for any and all questions. We will work closely with you to understand your capabilities, planning hours, preferred lanes, ELD set-up, and communication preferences as well as explain Transfix’s expectations to match you with dedicated freight in your preferred lanes. Then, we’ll use tools such as Carrier Scorecard to help you maintain high performance scores and access more freight. We will also work with shippers and consignees to address loading and unloading issues and adjust volumes to fit your needs. 


Core Carrier Program Rewards You With More Freight

Once you start working with an account manager and consistently provide reliable service as measured through our Carrier Scorecard program, you will be automatically evaluated for placement into our Core Carrier Program.  Our Core Carrier Program was designed to forge strategic partnerships with carriers who have high service levels and strong performance. We give Core Carriers early access to dependable and long-term freight opportunities that set your business up for success. Through continuous conversations with your account managers regarding changes in capacity and network needs, we can thoughtfully match you with new freight opportunities that best utilize your capacity and equipment in your preferred lanes. 

Take Brown Trucking. They grew monthly load volume with Transfix by 304% and became one of our most trusted drop-trailer carriers.

Brown Trucking Load Vol MoM

“We value our growing partnership with Transfix because they identify long term business opportunities – it’s about servicing the customer, not about the cheapest transactional rate for each load,” says Doug Riesberg, VP Sales and Marketing, Brown Trucking Company. “We allocate capacity resources to Transfix because they understand our needs and honor award commitments.” 

If you’re looking for a partner who can help you grow, sign up today. Already work with Transfix? Reach out to your dedicated Account Manager or contact us to learn more.