11 Gift Ideas for the Supply Chain Pros In Your Life

Pros in the Office

Is it Santa Claus or supply chain professionals that we should thank for filling the stockings and delivering the gifts? Regardless where you land, the logistics pros in your life are a special breed – constantly on the move and learning, whether on the road or in the office. Check out this curated list of goodies and gift ideas our team put together for all of you supply chain pros (all delivered by a truck at some point).*

1. Multiple Time Zone Clock

After all, this is the industry that never sleeps. It’s easy to Google what time it is in Shenzhen, but this customizable clock makes those time-sensitive decisions even easier and the office a little more homey.  

2. Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Those days with endless screen-time can lead to eye irritation and dryness, as well as poor sleep. Blue-light blocking glasses help make those long days more bearable – and a bit more fashionable. 

3. Standing Desk Mat

Sitting is the new smoking – at least that’s what the medical professionals say. So get your beloved this dynamic standing desk mat that optimizes the benefits of standing and fights desk fatigue. 

4. From Source to Sold, Grammar Factory Publishing 2022

Advancing as a professional in this industry means being a perpetual student. Transfix’s very own Jenni Ruiz said about this book: “What does it take to be a good leader in an ever-evolving industry? Global supply chain leaders Radu Palamariu and Knut Alicke detail supply chain challenges across various industries, how to climb the supply chain (vertically, of course), and learned lessons from more than two dozen veteran leaders in the space. It’s perfect for those just getting their start or for those who might want a load of information to get inspired.”

5. Wall Street Journal Subscription

The constantly evolving supply chain requires its workforce to stay curious and current with all the latest bottlenecks, analysis, and macroeconomic trends. Make sure your logistics pro has frictionless access to the ultimate source of business news. 

Hustlers on the Road
6. Audiobook Subscription

For the approximate price of a book, a monthly audiobook subscription, to Audible, for example, gives you access to all the bestsellers and classics alike for those long stretches of highway. Driving time is quite possibly the best time to listen and learn. Title and genre options are endless! 

7. Standing Punching Bag

For those particularly stressful days or for those nights your loved one needs to ensure a good night’s sleep, this is an awesome way to exhaust that untapped energy. 

8. Weighted Blanket 

It’s not always easy to decompress and fall to sleep quickly after hours upon hours of stressful driving. A weighted blanket is an immediate comfort on nights away from family and home. 

9. Coffee for Earth Lovers 

Hey, coffee lovers with little space (and like little waste): we’ve got a gift for you. 

10. Digital Picture Frame

Imagine a picture frame in your office that your loved ones near and far can fill with digital photos, so you’ll always be included in celebrations and daily life. 

11. Calm Subscription

A Calm Subscription is more than just guided meditations. There are video classes for gentle movement, storytelling for sleep, and relaxing music channels. If your loved one might benefit from the proven powers of breathwork and meditation, this would be a perfect ongoing gift. 


Let us know what you decide to get for your favorite supply chain pro! If nothing else, sign them up for Transfix’s market update newsletter, where we work hard to keep shippers and carriers informed with market trends, data, analyses, and insights. It’s basically like giving them a crystal ball every week. 

Here’s hoping you and yours have a wonderful holiday season! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are there any personalized or customizable gift options specifically aimed at supply chain professionals, beyond the general items listed?

    Answer: Personalized or customizable gifts for supply chain professionals could include items like engraved pens, personalized office decor, or custom-made planners. 
  2. What are some eco-friendly or sustainable gift choices that cater to supply chain professionals who are particularly conscious about environmental impact?

    Answer: Eco-friendly gift options might involve sustainable office supplies, reusable coffee cups, or items made from recycled materials.
  3. For those looking for more educational or professional development gifts, what additional resources or books are recommended for supply chain professionals wanting to deepen their industry knowledge?

    For educational gifts, there are numerous books on supply chain management, logistics, and related fields.

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