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Streamline freight execution and secure FTL and LTL capacity. Shippers manage freight the modern and easy way with Transfix TMS.

Intelligence. Driven.

Save time. Reduce costs. Expand carrier coverage. Transfix TMS is the intelligent transportation management solution that helps you take control of your freight. Modernize your tender management, get access to instant capacity, and enable data-driven decisions with real-time insights.

Simplify Your Freight
Operations with Transfix TMS

Real-time digital routing guides. Instant FTL and LTL capacity. Integrated carrier assignment and communications. Built on top of a digital freight marketplace. Transfix TMS offers modern and easy-to-use digital solutions to drive your business forward.

Automated Tendering

Create and tender cost-efficient shipments through a dynamic routing guide, spot auction, or instant booking. Integrate your existing ERP systems with Transfix API and auto-generate shipping orders.

Instant Capacity

Instantly quote and book FTL & LTL shipments with Transfix or your primary network, launch in-network spot auctions to secure capacity in seconds, and use performance data to select the optimal carriers for your lanes.

Live Shipment Tracking

24/7 access to a real-time map view of your live shipments. Share instant ETA details with stakeholders during pick up or delivery.

Unified Freight Audit

Simplify your freight audit workflow with a real-time audit activity feed where you can simultaneously review carrier bills, approve payments, and manage contract rates for lanes or carriers.

Performance Analytics

Track real-time spend, volume, service levels, metrics, and additional carrier performance details. Get access to OTP/OTD metrics, acceptance rates, denial rates, and more.

The company is very impressed with the demonstrated 12% cost savings to this point. I’m hoping to keep delivering that by adding diversity in my carriers, having people here who can help us move stuff, and then using Transfix TMS to eliminate time.”

Transportation Manager
The Honey Baked Ham Company

Before, it could take me 3 hours to secure spot coverage. Now, I can run a spot auction directly from Transfix TMS and start accepting bids in one place in under 15 minutes.”

Logistics Coordinator

Transfix TMS is a cutting edge TMS with industry-leading customer service.”

Corporate Purchasing Manager
Plastic Ingenuity


Shippers rely on Transfix for guaranteed capacity, reduced costs, time savings, and efficiencies. Our customers can count on us to help drive their businesses when they need us most. See why with these shipper success stories.

Case Study

Floyd Gains Visibility, Automation, and a Voice in Shaping Transfix TMS

“Before Transfix TMS, it was really hard to keep track of what I had going on in my network.”

Case Study

The Honey Baked Ham Company Saves on Freight Spend with Transfix TMS

“The company management is very impressed with the demonstrated 12% cost savings with Transfix TMS.”

Manage Your Freight
with Transfix