3 Ways Transfix Helps Shippers Optimize their Supply Chain through Data

We recognize that managing costs and streamlining supply chain operations is one of the highest priorities for logistics teams. Transfix is uniquely positioned to provide actionable, data-driven insights in a way that traditional brokerages can’t. By leveraging our technology platform, shippers can get access to the data they need to make informed decisions.

Transfix helps shippers:

  1. Understand carrier performance through a real-time dashboard
  2. Understand and improve facilities through performance reports
  3. Optimize their supply chain through actionable, data-driven recommendations

Learn below about the three ways Transfix helps shippers optimize their supply chain through data. 

Recognize carrier performance through a real-time, online dashboard

Traditional brokerages are often unable to provide real-time visibility and performance metrics on freight movement and deliveries. Transfix’s technology platform and instant tracking changes that. Through a personalized dashboard, shippers can instantly view our performance metrics (including OTP and OTD percentages) and have the peace of mind of knowing where their freight is at all times.

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Understand and improve facilities through performance reports

Shippers can significantly reduce costs through understanding the performance of their facilities. Because of our technology-driven approach, Transfix has access to proprietary data which it provides to shippers through regular performance reports. These reports highlight facilities with long wait times and high detention costs, and provide detailed insights into missed deliveries, including whether it was caused by the carrier being late or the facility had long wait times. Shippers also get access to Transfix performance metrics for all shipments to date. 

Gaining access to these metrics through Transfix enables shippers to:

  • Identify and surface operational issues to their staff 
  • Reduce accessorial costs by rescheduling freight to lower-traffic delivery days
  • Re-route freight to the high-performing facilities when possible


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Optimize supply chain through actionable, data-driven recommendations

Transfix consistently and proactively looks for ways to partner with shippers beyond moving freight at extremely high service levels. We leverage the data we collect – performance metrics, facility data, accessorial spend, and more –  to provide specific recommendations for shippers on how to optimize their supply chain and reduce costs from detention and TONU payments. For example, Transfix was able to analyze one shipper’s data and provide recommendations that helped them reduce unloading times by 260% and save an estimated $30,000 in detention costs at one facility alone. 

Transfix is not just another brokerage. We view ourselves as long term partners for our shippers. Through our access to real-time tracking data through our driver mobile app and our team of logistics experts with decades of industry knowledge, Transfix can provide visibility, detailed reports, and data-driven recommendations to help shippers optimize their supply chain for the long haul, keeping them a step ahead.